Hatches Matches and Dispatches part 4

Dear blog reader This is the fourth part in a series of Shandon hatches, matches and dispatches that have appeared in the newspapers. I always find such finds very exciting in my own 30 years of family history research and I hope this helps anyone doing similar Shandon-based research. (Glossary: inst/instant means of the presentContinue reading “Hatches Matches and Dispatches part 4”


Dear blog reader I usually don’t share such recent finds but the descriptions are so good in this article I find it worth sharing. ***************************************** THE LENNOX HERALD, FEBRUARY 5, 1993 DOWN MEMORY LANE – THE MAGIC OF SHANDON HYDRO – BY PATRICIA DRAYTON A group of us were discussing the merits of the variousContinue reading “THE MAGIC OF SHANDON HYDRO”

Sale of West Shandon

Dear blog reader I would suggest that the below advert describing West Shandon, the residence of Robert Napier, before it was sold and converted into the Hydropathic Hotel tells us a lot about West Shandon. I hope you also find it interesting. Jacqueline *********************** GREENOCK TELEGRAPH AND CLYDE SHIPPING GAZETTE SATURDAY 7 APRIL 1877 WESTContinue reading “Sale of West Shandon”

Shandon Valuation Roll 1915

Dear blog reader Welcome to the seventh part in a series, a list of the people, with house names where known, who were connected with Shandon in 1915. In 1915 Shandon had 75 households listed, a slight decrease on 1905. In 1905 Shandon had 82 households listed which was a vast increase on the anomalyContinue reading “Shandon Valuation Roll 1915”

Burial Of Mrs Napier

GLASGOW HERALD FRIDAY 29 OCTOBER 1875 THE LATE MRS NAPIER OF SHANDON Yesterday, shortly after noon, the remains of Mrs Napier, wife of Mr Robert Napier, of Shandon, were committed to their last resting place in the family vault in Dumbarton Churchyard. The deceased, who had attained the ripe age of 83 years, died atContinue reading “Burial Of Mrs Napier”