Homicidal Naval Man

EVENING EXPRESS, WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31, 1951 12 MONTHS FOR CULPABLE HOMICIDE, P.O. NOT VIOLENT MAN Petty officer William Joseph Bird, of Birmingham, was found guilty of culpable homicide at Glasgow High Court today and was sentenced to twelve months’ imprisonment. The jury’s verdict was unanimous. Lord Jamieson, passing sentence, said: ‘I am disposed to takeContinue reading “Homicidal Naval Man”


Dear blog reader I usually don’t share such recent finds but the descriptions are so good in this article I find it worth sharing. ***************************************** THE LENNOX HERALD, FEBRUARY 5, 1993 DOWN MEMORY LANE – THE MAGIC OF SHANDON HYDRO – BY PATRICIA DRAYTON A group of us were discussing the merits of the variousContinue reading “THE MAGIC OF SHANDON HYDRO”

Closure of the Experimental Station

ARMY AND NAVY GAZETTE SATURDAY 31 DECEMBER 1921 THE PORTS The late Admiralty experimental station at Shandon Hydropathic, near Helensburgh, says the Times, is in the market. The estate, extending to 60 acres, and overlooking Gareloch, includes the mansion and a small power house. An ‘upset’ price of £15,000 has been fixed by the DisposalContinue reading “Closure of the Experimental Station”

Fire At The Hydro

THE SCOTSMAN FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBER 1928 SHANDON HYDRO OUTBREAK LARGE ANNEXE DESTROYED Helensburgh fire brigade were called out yesterday morning to one of the most serious fires which has occurred in the Gareloch district for a long time. The scene of the outbreak was Shandon Hydro Hotel, which was used by the Admiralty during theContinue reading “Fire At The Hydro”

Sale of West Shandon

Dear blog reader I would suggest that the below advert describing West Shandon, the residence of Robert Napier, before it was sold and converted into the Hydropathic Hotel tells us a lot about West Shandon. I hope you also find it interesting. Jacqueline *********************** GREENOCK TELEGRAPH AND CLYDE SHIPPING GAZETTE SATURDAY 7 APRIL 1877 WESTContinue reading “Sale of West Shandon”

Shandon Valuation Roll 1915

Dear blog reader Welcome to the seventh part in a series, a list of the people, with house names where known, who were connected with Shandon in 1915. In 1915 Shandon had 75 households listed, a slight decrease on 1905. In 1905 Shandon had 82 households listed which was a vast increase on the anomalyContinue reading “Shandon Valuation Roll 1915”

Railway Accident at Shandon – part 1

Dear blog reader This is part 1 of a 3 part series on a railway accident at Shandon in 1895, parts 2 and 3 will be published in subsequent weeks. Hope you find this interesting. Jacqueline ****************************** GLASGOW HERALD TUESDAY 15 OCTOBER 1895 RAILWAY ACCIDENTS. ALARMING AFFAIR ON THE WEST HIGHLAND RAIlWAY – LADY INJURED.Continue reading “Railway Accident at Shandon – part 1”

Shandon Hydro in Winter

Fife Herald 18 December 1879 Shandon hydropathic establishment unrivalled winter residence. Sheltered from north and east winds. Extensive private pleasure grounds with large conservatory, vineries, gardens etc. Turkish vapour, salt and fresh water baths, including large swimming bath, heated. Terms from 55s. Prospectus on application. Address – the manager, West Shandon, by Helensburgh.

Death Follows Fall from Car

Dundee Evening Telegraph 27 July 1914 In front of Shandon Hydropathic a gentleman Mr George Aman, a Romanian gentleman, while stepping out of his motor car driven by his wife, fell and fractured his skull. He was promptly attended to by Mr Douglas McAlpine, Royal Infirmary, Glasgow residing at the Hydropathic but he died withinContinue reading “Death Follows Fall from Car”

Shandon Hydropathic on Fire

Aberdeen Press and Journal 16 July 1898 The baths connected with the Shandon Hydropathic Establishment, Gareloch were destroyed by fire yesterday. The main building was saved. The building on fire, in addition to the ladies and gentlemen’s baths, contained the engine room and laundry, with large water tanks on the top. These tanks are onlyContinue reading “Shandon Hydropathic on Fire”