Calico Ball and New Minister at Shandon

THE HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 1882 SHANDON SHANDON FREE CHURCH A meeting of the congregation of this Church was held on Monday evening for the purpose of electing a minister. The Rev Mr Ireland presided, and the recommendation of the Congregational Committee, suggesting that the vote should be taken between the Rev Mr Thomson,Continue reading “Calico Ball and New Minister at Shandon”

1904 Sale of Shandon House

THE SCOTSMAN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 1904 DUMBARTONSHIRE – SHANDON HOUSE, GARELOCH For sale, by private bargain, this beautiful residential property, situated upon the Gareloch, about ten minutes’ walk from Shandon Railway Station, the same distance from Shandon Pier, and 25 miles from Glasgow. The mansion occupies a fine position with southern exposure, and contains drawingContinue reading “1904 Sale of Shandon House”

Aquatic Entertainment in 1885

HELENSBURGH NEWS 20TH AUGUST 1885 SHANDON HYDROPATHIC Among the many attractions of this beautiful place, a grand aquatic entertainment took place on Wednesday, when the large room of the summer pond was crowded. What gave great interest to the entertainment was eight gentlemen visitors, who paid a visit to the exhibition, and who were dressedContinue reading “Aquatic Entertainment in 1885”

Sale of Shandonbank in 1860

THE GLASGOW DAILY HERALD, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1860 DESIRABLE COAST RESIDENCE FOR SALE There will be exposed to sale, by public roup, within the Faculty of Procurator’s Hall, Saint George’s Place, Glasgow, on Wednesday the 7th March next, at two o’clock, (unless previously disposed of by public bargain,) the property of Shandon Bank, beautifully situatedContinue reading “Sale of Shandonbank in 1860”

Where Shall We Go At Christmas

DUNDEE EVENING TELEGRAPH, 21ST DECEMBER 1903 WHERE SHALL WE GO AT CHRISTMAS BY MARGUERITE Time was when people never dreamt of leaving home at Christmas or New Year. It was a family festival, spent in the bosom of the family. People gathered all their relations about them, and, if their hearts were big and bountiful,Continue reading “Where Shall We Go At Christmas”

Shandon 1841 Census Part 1

Dear blog reader I am so excited to start a new family history Shandon series – the censuses of Shandon, beginning with 1841, 4 pages of the original schedule at a time. I do hope all of you with Shandon ancestors will find this useful. Jacqueline. ****************************************** Page 1 House Name Name Age Occupation IfContinue reading “Shandon 1841 Census Part 1”

Hatches Matches and Dispatches part 4

Dear blog reader This is the fourth part in a series of Shandon hatches, matches and dispatches that have appeared in the newspapers. I always find such finds very exciting in my own 30 years of family history research and I hope this helps anyone doing similar Shandon-based research. (Glossary: inst/instant means of the presentContinue reading “Hatches Matches and Dispatches part 4”

Public breakdown of a Shandon marriage

THE SCOTSMAN, SATURDAY 20 JULY 1940 UNHAPPY MARRIAGE – WOMAN GOLFER’S ACTION – ALIMENT REFUSED An action by Mrs Sybil Messum or Fleming, Harrow Lodge, Baldslow, St Leonards-On-Sea, Sussex – runner-up in the West of Scotland Ladies Golf Championship in 1938, and winner of the Renfrewshire County Championship in 1939 – who sued for separationContinue reading “Public breakdown of a Shandon marriage”

Sale of Linnburn in 1859

GLASGOW HERALD, 4TH APRIL 1859 VILLA ON THE GARELOCH To be sold, by public roup, within the Faculty Hall, Saint George’s Place, Glasgow, on Wednesday the 20th day of April, 1859, at one o’clock afternoon (if not previously sold by private bargain). The villa of Linnburn, near Shandon, in the parish of Row and countyContinue reading “Sale of Linnburn in 1859”

Sale of the Shandon collection – part 10

Dear blog reader. Here is the tenth part of the series on the sale of the contents of Shandon House, also known as the Shandon collection. This blog post describes Robert Napier’s picture collection and the remains of his library which were sold on the 3rd day of the sale of the contents of ShandonContinue reading “Sale of the Shandon collection – part 10”