Shandon Visitors in September 1882

Dear blog reader This is a post particularly for my readers researching their family history. How marvelous it would be to find out where your ancestors holidayed! Jacqueline ************************** THE HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1882 SHANDON SHANDON HYDROPATHIC VISITORS LIST Mr George Drummond and Mr Joseph Gardiner, GlasgowMr Milne and valet, Miss Milne, MissContinue reading “Shandon Visitors in September 1882”

The Oratorio

THE HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1884 SHANDON COURSE OF LECTURES The Church here was crowded on Friday evening last to hear Mr Thomas Brash’s lecture on the ‘Oratorio’. Mr Brash gave a historical account of its development and progress down to the present time. The lecture was a great success, and its interest wasContinue reading “The Oratorio”

A waiting room and the bowling green

THE HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 1883 SHANDON OUR WAITING ROOM Those who love flowers – and who do not? – will be delighted with a visit to our waiting room on the pier. The collection is not large, but it contains some very choice plants in flower very tastefully arranged. The flowers are aContinue reading “A waiting room and the bowling green”

Electricity and the Telephone

THE HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1886 DISTRICT NEWS SHANDON COURSE OF LECTURES On Friday evening, the schoolroom was crowded to hear a lecture by Mr James Bell, of Summerhill, the subject being ‘Electricity and the Telephone’. He said that it was not his intention to occupy much time with a lecture, but rather toContinue reading “Electricity and the Telephone”

Lady Nairne and a Children’s Treat

THE HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 1892. SHANDON LADY NAIRNE AND HER SONGS A lecture was delivered on Thursday evening last by the Rev. Mr Miller, the subject being ‘Lady Nairne and her Songs’. The lecture was made very interesting by vocal illustrations of the songs by a choir under the conductorship of Mr DContinue reading “Lady Nairne and a Children’s Treat”

Shandon Mutual Improvement Society in 1886

THE HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 1886 DISTRICT NEWS SHANDON MUTUAL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY The annual conversazione of this association was held in the Schoolhouse on Friday evening. There was a large attendance and Mr Andrew J Kilpatrick occupied the chair. The chairman gave a very interesting address on the pleasures of reading and the loveContinue reading “Shandon Mutual Improvement Society in 1886”

Hydro Entertainment

THE HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1884 SHANDON ENTERTAINMENT AT THE HYDROPATHIC During the past week the visitors at the Shandon Hydropathic Establishment have enjoyed a round of excellent entertainments. Dr Moxey, the popular elocutionist, and professor of that art in the Free Church College, Edinburgh, gave a very attractive reading on Monday. Laurence Gane,Continue reading “Hydro Entertainment”

Shandon Proposals

THE GLASGOW DAILY HERALD, SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 1871 SHANDON FREE GARDENERS On Wednesday evening a meeting was held at Shandon – Mr Alexander McCallum presiding – to consider the propriety of forming a Lodge of Free Gardeners for Helensburgh, Row, Shandon, and Garelochhead. Resolutions favourable to this object were agreed to, and it was resolvedContinue reading “Shandon Proposals”

Shandon Mutual Improvement Society in March 1883

THE HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 1883 SHANDON – MUTUAL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY In connection with this association, a grand literary and musical entertainment was given in the schoolroom on Thursday evening last, when every available inch of space within its walls was occupied by a large and enthusiastic audience, who long before the hour ofContinue reading “Shandon Mutual Improvement Society in March 1883”

Destruction of Shandon House

THE GLASGOW CHRONICLE, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1847 DESTRUCTION OF SHANDON HOUSE BY FIRE On Wednesday morning, about 6 o’clock, the inmates of the mansion-house of Walter Buchanan, Esq, of Shandon, were roused by fire breaking out in the upper part of the building, which, with the exception of the two wings, was in a veryContinue reading “Destruction of Shandon House”