Berriedale and the Fresh Air Fortnight Scheme

Dear blog reader So far I have discovered that 2 mansions at Shandon were donated for philanthropic schemes – Ardgare and Berriedale. Below is a vivid description of a visit to Berriedale. Jacqueline ************************************ GREENOCK TELEGRAPH AND CLYDE SHIPPING GAZETTE MONDAY 9 MAY 1892 AT ‘BERRIEDALE’ ON SATURDAY (BY A LADY CONTRIBUTOR) The month ofContinue reading “Berriedale and the Fresh Air Fortnight Scheme”

Shandon Valuation Roll 1855

Dear blog reader Welcome to the first part in a new series, a list of the people, with house names where known, who were connected with Shandon in 1855. Hopefully those of you with ancestors from Shandon will find this list useful. ************************************** H BairdW BarrReverend N Brodie, ManseWalter BuchananArchibald CochraneMiss Cullen, ArdchapelJohn DingwallAlexander Fyfe,Continue reading “Shandon Valuation Roll 1855”

Hatches, Matches and Dispatches Part 3

Dear blog reader This is the third part in a series of Shandon hatches, matches and dispatches that have appeared in the newspapers. I always find such finds very exciting in my own 30 years of family history research and I hope this helps anyone doing similar Shandon-based research. Please note that for privacy reasonsContinue reading “Hatches, Matches and Dispatches Part 3”

Battrum’s Guide and Directory 1875

Dear blog reader, this week a name-rich source for any of you with ancestors from Shandon. Note some slightly different spellings which are exactly as they appeared in the directory. BATTRUM’S GUIDE AND DIRECTORY TO HELENSBURGH AND NEIGHBOURHOOD 1875 SHANDON INCLUDING BLAIRVADDICK AND FASLANE ESTATES Five miles from Helensburgh West. Omnibus leaves Helensburgh at 5pmContinue reading “Battrum’s Guide and Directory 1875”

Robert Napier’s Obituary

DUNDEE COURIER TUESDAY 27 JUNE 1876 DEATH OF MR ROBERT NAPIER Mr Robert Napier, the celebrated engineer, died on Friday morning at three o’clock, at West Shandon on the Gareloch. He had reached a venerable age, having been born on the 18th June, 1791. He was a native of Dumbarton, where his father carried onContinue reading “Robert Napier’s Obituary”

Review of the Shandon Hydro on opening

GLASGOW HERALD WEDNESDAY 17TH OCTOBER 1877 SHANDON HYDROPATHIC INSTITUTION The palatial structure at West Shandon, built by the late Robert Napier, and now the property of the Shandon Hydropathic Company, was yesterday publicly inaugurated, and is now open for the reception of visitors. The existing building, on which considerable alterations and improvements have just beenContinue reading “Review of the Shandon Hydro on opening”

Sale of the Shandon collection part 2

Dear blog reader The blog posts on this website started a few months ago with a report on one of the days’ sale of the Shandon collection and, at long last, here is a second part in this series. Enjoy. ************************************************************************* THE SCOTSMAN TUESDAY 15 MAY 1877 THE SHANDON SALE LONDON, MONDAY NIGHT The saleContinue reading “Sale of the Shandon collection part 2”

The MacLeods of Fuinary

Dear blog reader This week’s blog posts highlights 2 happenings at Shandon associated with the MacLeod family who owned the Fuinary house. The MacLeod family were predominantly Church of Scotland ministers (a long line of ministers going back to the eighteenth century) but also had medical men in their family. Reverend Norman MacLeod, who marriedContinue reading “The MacLeods of Fuinary”

Car accident 1904

GREENOCK TELEGRAPH AND CLYDE SHIPPING GAZETTE 1 OCTOBER 1904 MOTOR CAR ACCIDENT ON GARELOCHSIDE Last night about seven o’clock an accident occurred by which a young lady received injuries, and damage was done to a car and a house and a van. The motor car belonged to Mrs Kirkpatrick, of Lagbuie, Shandon, and at theContinue reading “Car accident 1904”