All pictures are either photos taken by me personally or scans of postcards and photos I’ve purchased or pictures from digitised newspapers where there’s insufficient material for a blog post.

From now on (9 September 2022) I’ll add dates to new photos etc so new additions are clearer.

September 2022.

A Shandon engagement as featured in the Dundee Courier dated 25 May 1929. This is Lilian Janet Mackintosh, the younger daughter of Mr and Mrs R L Mackintosh of Inshes, Inverness, whose engagement to Captain Arthur Frank Chisholme Hartley was announced. Captain Hartley was the son of the late Mr F C Hartley of Shandon and Mrs Hartley, Cedar House, Shurlock Row, Berkshire.

Lilian Mackintosh

In this (admittedly rather dark) photo it’s the bridesmaid who has Shandon connections. This photo was featured in the Galloway Gazette dated 10 May 1952. Robert Todd Grierson, Clendrie, Kirkholm married Elizabeth Cooper Gordon of Camrie, Glenluce on Wednesday 6 May 1952 at Old Luce Parish Church, Glenluce. Robert Grierson was the only son of the late Mr Robert Grierson and Mrs Grierson, Clendrie, Kirkholm and Elizabeth Gordon was the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs James Gordon, Camrie, Glenluce. The bridesmaid was Miss Khirstine Thomson of Balernock House, Shandon and the best man was William Cochrane of Heighton, Kirkcolm.

The bridesmaid is Khirstine Thomson of Balernock House, Shandon.

This is James McBride, as per the Dundee Courier dated 16 January 1935. James was formerly stationmaster at Leslie and was then appointed to take charge of Garelochhead, Whistlefield and Shandon stations.

James McBride

This is one of Shandon’s war dead, as featured in the Daily Record dated 22 November 1916. Lieutenant W Douglas Miller (the Shandon Church minister’s son) of the Royal Garrison Artillery and the Royal Flying Corps was killed during World War 1.

W Douglas Miller

We had a family holiday on the Gareloch this Summer and we were very excited every time we drove through Shandon. This video was taken on one of those journeys:

The next 8 photos are of Kirk Brae, Shandon. Kirk Brae is very special to me and my family as 2 generations of my family had second homes on Kirk Brae and so Kirk Brae is the reason behind my passion for Shandon.

Kirk Brae
Kirk Brae
Kirk Brae
Kirk Brae
Kirk Brae
Kirk Brae
Kirk Brae
Kirk Brae

This is Shandon Church at the bottom of Kirk Brae:

Shandon Church


Gareloch at Shandon
The Conservatory, Shandon Hydropathic

Shandon and head of Gareloch.

Shandon and head of Gareloch

The lake at the Shandon Hydropathic Hotel.

Lake at Shandon Hydropathic Hotel

The next 9 images are from a postcard book of views surrounding Shandon Hydropathic Hotel which was a very generous present I received.

The front cover of the postcard book:

Front cover of a postcard book of views in and around the Hydro

The 1st lounge in the Hydro:

The 1st lounge in the Hydro

The 2nd lounge in the Hydro:

The 2nd lounge in the Hydro

The dining room in the Hydro:

Part of the dining room in the Hydro

The fishing pond:

The fishing pond





Golf course:

Golf course



This postcard of the Hydro was sent in 1927:

Shandon Hydropathic 1927

Shandon pier from Fiunary:

Shandon hotel on the Gareloch:

Shandon Hydropathic (Winter):

Swan pond in Hydropathic grounds:

Shandon from the pier, on the Gareloch:

Shandon Church, Gareloch:

Gareloch, Shandon Church:

The Avenue, Shandon Hydropathic:

Shandon Hydropathic, Gareloch:

Hydropathic grounds, Shandon:

Approach to Shandon Hydropathic:

Post office, Shandon, Gareloch:

Gareloch from above Shandon:


In the Shandon Hydro grounds:

Shandon, Gareloch, from pier:

Post office, Shandon:

Shandon station:

Woodbank Place, Shandon:

‘Shandon Hydropathic – Shandon, Gareloch’:

Avenue and Shandon Hydro:

Grand staircase, Shandon Hydropathic, Gareloch:

‘The Gareloch near Shandon’:

‘Golf course’:

‘A wee Scotch frae Shandon’:

‘Inverallt, Shandon’:

‘Shandon from the water’:

‘Shandon House’:

‘In the Shandon Hydro grounds’:

‘Gareloch, Shandon from the pier’:



‘Shandon Hydropathic Establishment’:

‘Shandon Hydropathic Establishment’:

‘Shandon and Head of Gareloch’:

‘Gareloch Shandon’:

‘Shandon pier from Ardchapel’:

More will be added in the future …..

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