Employment at Shandon Station

Dear blog reader Here is a ‘two for the price of one’ blog post about people employed at Shandon station. ***************************************** DEVON VALLEY TRIBUNE, TUESDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 1902 DOLLAR NEWS Mr Thomas A Lyon, of the Parcel Office Department, Glasgow, has been appointed stationmaster at Shandon. Mr Lyon, who is a native of Dollar, enteredContinue reading “Employment at Shandon Station”

Shandon Valuation Roll 1915

Dear blog reader Welcome to the seventh part in a series, a list of the people, with house names where known, who were connected with Shandon in 1915. In 1915 Shandon had 75 households listed, a slight decrease on 1905. In 1905 Shandon had 82 households listed which was a vast increase on the anomalyContinue reading “Shandon Valuation Roll 1915”