Shandon Visitors in September 1882

Dear blog reader

This is a post particularly for my readers researching their family history.

How marvelous it would be to find out where your ancestors holidayed!






Shandon Hydropathic Hotel

Mr George Drummond and Mr Joseph Gardiner, Glasgow
Mr Milne and valet, Miss Milne, Miss G J Milne, and Mr A H Milne, Aberdeen
Mr and Mrs G A Hudwen and maid, Halifax
Mr W H Swire and servant, Miss Swire and maid, Miss M H Swire
Miss A B Swire, Mr C Swire, and Mrs Fort, London
Captain and Mrs Obert, Glasgow
Major Sharp
Mr, Mrs and Miss Booker, Edmonston
Miss Phillpotts and Fleming, London
Mr and Miss Hickman and Miss Florence Stagurrock, Selby Hill
Mr and Mrs Y P HIckman and Miss Crump, Derby
Mr Yice and the Misses Yice
Mr Cartwright, Louth
Major Woodward, Clevedon
Hon. Arthur C C Plunket, Londonderry
Mr and Mrs Youngson and family, Aberdeen
Mr Goodbody, Miss J E Goodbody, and Miss J B Goodbody
Mr Dryborough, Edinburgh
Mr and Mrs Marrable
Mr S, and Miss Suttie, Arbroath
Mr Dudley Docker, Birmingham
Mr and Mrs Huntly and Miss Hunt, Blackheath
Mr Geo. Halliday, Glasgow
Mr J Thomas, Mr C Aird, Mr and Mrs Scott, and Miss Scott, Edinburgh
Mr John Graves, Edgbaston
Dr Cameron, MP, Mrs Cameron, nurse and child, Glasgow
Mrs and Mrs Gunn, Crieff
Mr and Mrs C J Cooper
Mr Teesdale, Lincoln
Mr G M Roland, Edinburgh
Mr George Tomkins, London
Mr James Jamieson, Kirkcaldy
Mr John Ritchie, Trinity
Rev John and Mrs Inglis
Mr James Allan, Helensburgh
Mr Dunlop and Mr J S Hare, Bristol
Mr Peter Kennedy, Renfrew
Mr and Mrs Boyd, Dublin
Mr Edward B Lemon, Chester
Mr and Miss Fulton, Mr and Mrs Ramage and Councillor Crighton, Edinburgh
Mr S Hamilton Reid, Dublin
Mrs and Mrs Murray and maid and Mr G Stirling, London
Mr W Melvin and Miss Melvin, Alloa
Mrs and Mrs Newburn, Warford, Hull, Alderley
Mr G H Moffatt, Taylor, London
Mr James Alex Forrest, Liverpool
Mr James McLagan, and Mr James Chisholm, Edinburgh
Mr John Annan, Mr Finlay Smith, and Mr Robert Mills, Glasgow
Mr Alex Massoom, Kirkliston
Rev A G MacAlpine, Gorebridge
Mr J J Goudie and Master Goudie, Glasgow
Mr and Mrs Geo Walker, Newtonards
Mr J C R Thomas, London
Mr Todd, Glasgow
Mr W Ibbotson, London
Mr J A Imrie
Mr Fred A Smith and Mr W W Bedford, Glasgow
Mr Richard Day, London
Mr Joseph Stephens, Walsall
Rev D S McDonald
Mr W Burness, Edinburgh
Mr Walter C Wren
Mr and Mrs G W Morrison, Leeds
Mr W Dodshon, Stockton
Mr A M Springett, Oxford
Mrs, Miss and Mr S Todd, Ilkley

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