Steamer sunk



On Friday night, about eight o’clock, the river steamers Duchess of Argyll and Emperor came into collision upon the Gairloch, by which both vessels sustained very serious damage, and are so disabled that some time must elapse before they are fit to resume their usual stations.

From what we have learnt of the catastrophe, it would appear that the Duchess left the Broomielaw at five o’clock on Friday afternoon, and had proceeded as far on her passage to the head of the Gairloch as Shandon, when she was run into, or came in violent contact with the steamer Emperor, by which the last-mentioned vessel was so much damaged that she sunk in deep water, and now lies a little way below Shandon toll-house completely covered with water almost up to the top of the funnel.

The Duchess, after the collision, seems not to have been so much disabled, as she had evidently been put about and run ashore. She lies close on the beach, but her stern quarter is also covered with water. It was quite dark when the accident took place, and it is said to have been caused by one of the vessels not exhibiting the usual signal lamps. The passengers of the Duchess, we believe, made their escape by means of the small boats attached to the vessel, and it is gratifying to be enabled to state that although the loss and damage to the property by this extraordinary collision are considerable , no person has been injured in the slightest.

In the meantime of course it is impossible to say who is to blame for the accident, but we doubt not a searching enquiry will be made into the whole facts of the case by the proper authorities.

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