Shandon Hydro Hotel and great kindness

Dear blog reader

This week’s blog post is a tribute to the great kindness of Dominic Skeet who this week sent me a duplex postcard book of views of and around the Shandon Hydropathic Hotel.

I shall share below each postcard in the album (only one postcard was actually sent, that showing the terrace) and then what I actually find most fascinating in the album, the tariff list for the Shandon Hydro Hotel. Having said that, I do enjoy seeing the rooms where the subjects of so many of my blog posts actually took place.

The front cover:

Front cover

The 1st lounge:

1st lounge

The 2nd lounge:

2nd lounge

Part of dining room:

Dining room

The fishing pond:

Fishing pond





The golf course:

Golf course



If you were to have stayed at the Shandon Hydro Hotel when this album was published, here’s what you would have been charged:


The inclusive terms are as follows:

April to September – from 18\- per day

October to March – from 15\- per day

And these terms include – bedroom, attendance, lights, breakfast, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner – also the enjoyment of baths (private or swimming in baths department), putting green, tennis on covered or open-air hard courts, bowls, croquet, dancing in the hotel ballroom, concerts, entertainments.

Apart from the inclusive terms quoted above, the general tariff is as under –

Apartments – single bedroom 8/6 to 15/-, double 18/- to 26/-, sitting room per day 21/-

Breakfasts – plain 2/6, Table d’Hote 4/-

Luncheon – Table d’Hote 4/-

Teas – afternoon, in lounge 1/6

Dinners – Table d’Hote 7/6

Dinner and dance – 11/6

Meals in bedroom – extra per meal, 1/- per head

Visitors’ servants – 15/- per day, apartments and board

Garage – per week from 12/6 to 17/6; per day 2/- to 3/-; 2 hours or less, 1/-, motor cycles and side cars 2/- per day, private lock up per week £1\2\6; per day 3/6, washing cars 2/6 to 5/-, use of hose for washing cars 1/-.

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