Sale of the Shandon Collection – part 9

Dear blog reader.

Here is the ninth part of the series on the sale of the contents of Shandon House, also known as the Shandon collection.

This blog post describes the remains of Robert Napier’s porcelain which was sold on the 2nd day of the sale of the contents of Shandon House. 

Robert Napier





The sale today comprised the remaining continental fabrics, Germany being represented by Furstenburg, gera (a rare mark), Ludwigsburg, Dodelstadt and of course by more Dresden; Italy by Ginori (the best of the existing porcelain fabrics in the country), Le Nove, and Venice, which last at some measure resembles our old Chelsea; France by St Cloud and Sevres; Belgium by Tournay; Holland by the Hague; and Austria by Vienna, of which there were abut a score of specimens, some of great value.

The total results of today’s sale show a slight falling off on that of yesterday, being £2638 against £3148, but this was owing rather to the absence of extremely rare specimens than to any slackness in the bidding. Indeed the average of prices was in excess of yesterday. Ninety two lots of Sevres brought £2265, twenty-nine of Dresden £140, twenty two of Vienna £157, two of St Cloud £32 10s, two of Hague £23 14s, three of Tournay £40 10s, and three of Ginori £11 10s. The Sevres articles were of course the great feature of the sale, five pieces similar to Her Majesty the Queen’s service at Windsor Castle bringing the large sum of 831 guineas.

The following are some of the principal sales, and as before we give the catalogue numbers within brackets:- Sevres collection – a seau with two large medallions (346) 280 guineas bought by Mr Goode. A seau of the largest model (347) 250 guineas, bought by Mr Goode. A tazza on foot, painted with subjects from Homer and Ovid, in five medallions o blue ground (343), 150 guineas, bought by Mr Goode. A circular dish similar to the foregoing (344) ??3 guineas, bought by Mr Goode. An ecuelle with landscapes in medallions on turquoise ground, painted by Mutel and dated 1772 (342), 58 guineas, bought by Mr Smith. A circular dish, painted in medallions on blue ground (345), 56 guineas, bought by Mr King. A large cup and saucer, green ground, painted with cupids, dated 1758 (337), 135 guineas, bought by Mr Davis. A large ecuelle, with oval plateau, painted with subjects after Vernet (313), £62. A large ecuelle, with circular plateau, painted with boys in red in medallions (311), £53. A trembleuse cup and saucer, gros bleu, painted with seaports and figures by Morin (325), £15 3s. A tasse a la reize, painted with birds and flowers by Catrice, dated 1758 (339), £30 9s. A tasse a la reine, painted by Merault, sen., dated 1769 (335), £32 11s. A pair of sugar tureens, covers and stands, bleu de Vinceunez, with birds in gold (327), £36 15s. A large ecuelle with circular plateau, with blue interlacings and flowers on white ground (309), £42. An ecuelle with rose de barry border, painted with flowers (333), £29 8s. A square-shaped tray with green ribbons and flowers, dated 1757 (331), £23 1s. A trembleuse cup, cover and saucer, rose de barry, painted with goats and sheep in landscapes (315), £27 6s. A small ecuelle, cover and stand, with chintz pattern on white ground (340), £19 8s 6d. An ecuelle, painted by Merault, sen., dated 1744 (341), £17 17s. A coffee cup and saucer, turquoise oeil de perdriz, with birds in medallions, dated 1765 (319), £15 15s. A teapot and cover, dated 1780, from the Duchess of Gordon’s collection (314), £15. A cabaret, with gros bleu and gold oeil de perdriz border (312), £31 10s. An ecuelle, with oval plateau, painted with boys in red on white ground with oval spots (310), £23 2s; a coffee cup and saucer, gros bleu with children in a medallion (291) £18 18s; ditto with female figure and dog in a medallion, dated 1765 (292), £17 17s; ditto, gros bleu, painted with a lady with a vase in a medallion (293), £27; ditto, with a subject after J Vernet, by Maria, dated 1779 (294), £25; a cup and saucer, green and white, painted with garlands of flowers by Taillander (263), £18 18s; ditto with rose edges painted by Fontaine, dated 1757 (279), £19 8s 6d; a coffee cup and saucer, green ground, painted by Chabry (255), £30; a white trembleuse cup and saucer, painted with the fable of the fox and the crane, by Baudoin and Vavasseur, dated 1777 (257), £15 15s.

Vienna collection:- A cabaret, purple ground, decorated with arabesques in raised gold (244), £25 10s. A plate, painted with a group of persons (242), £17 6s 6d. A cabaret, with classical figures in relief on blue ground (241), £16 16s. A large cup, cover, and saucer, richly gilt, with portrait in brown monochrome.

Venetian collection:- A large oval bowl, with coloured masks in relief, festoons of foliage and other ornaments (£208), £3. Two cups and saucers painted with vases on white ground, gros bleu and gold border (225), £2 10s.

Tournay collection:- A set of table dishes, 30 in number (222), £31 10s. A cup and saucer,with landscapes and figures, in crimson, and richly gilt (224), £3 10s.

St Cloud collection:- A round pot, with cover, and two smaller pieces, with figure subjects and busts in raised gold (220). £28. A white cup, with gilt arabesque figures and birds (221), £4 10s.

Hague collection:- Dark blue and white vase, 21 inches high, painted with landscapes in two gold medallions (212), £19 19s. A bowl and cover, painted with birds (211), £3 15s.

Dresden collection:- A sucrier and cover, painted with figures in medallions on canary ground (182), £23. A service of eight pieces, painted with pastoral subjects (187), £16 10s. A Marcolini ecuelle cover and stand, gros bleu ground, with conversations in medallions in gilt borders (186), £12 1s 6d.

Amongst the other sales were a Furstenberg ewer and cover and small bowl (204), £2; a Ginori bowl and cover, painted with Pompeian subjects (207), £2 15s; a Ludwigsburg hot milk pot and ewer, painted with a battle scene (215), £212; a pair of Madrid vases (217), £3 3s; and a Rudalstadt cup, cover and saucer (219), £2 172 6d.

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