Employment at Shandon Station

Dear blog reader Here is a ‘two for the price of one’ blog post about people employed at Shandon station. ***************************************** DEVON VALLEY TRIBUNE, TUESDAY 9 SEPTEMBER 1902 DOLLAR NEWS Mr Thomas A Lyon, of the Parcel Office Department, Glasgow, has been appointed stationmaster at Shandon. Mr Lyon, who is a native of Dollar, enteredContinue reading “Employment at Shandon Station”

Near Miss On Train Tracks

ABERDEEN EVENING EXPRESS, TUESDAY, 1ST AUGUST 1967 TRAIN BAIRN IS ‘SATISFACTORY’ Ten-month-old Elizabeth Agnew who missed death by inches when a double diesel engined train ran over her yesterday is today ‘fairly satisfactory’ in the Vale of Leven Hospital, Dunbartonshire. She was seen being run over by the engine driver. When he found her laterContinue reading “Near Miss On Train Tracks”