Shandon Hydro Hotel and great kindness

Dear blog reader This week’s blog post is a tribute to the great kindness of Dominic Skeet who this week sent me a duplex postcard book of views of and around the Shandon Hydropathic Hotel. I shall share below each postcard in the album (only one postcard was actually sent, that showing the terrace) andContinue reading “Shandon Hydro Hotel and great kindness”

William Priestley leaves Shandon Hydro

SOUTHERN REPORTER THURSDAY 22 AUGUST 1889 PRESENTATION Mr William Priestley, who has just been appointed to the post of manager of the Waverley Hydropathic Establishment, was recently presented with a pair of gold eye-glasses and a purse of forty sovereigns, on the occasion of him leaving the Shandon Hydropathic Establishment. The Rev. Hugh Miller, ofContinue reading “William Priestley leaves Shandon Hydro”

Shandon Hydro Amateur Games

GLASGOW HERALD, MONDAY 2ND AUGUST 1880 ATHLETICS – SHANDON HYDROPATHIC AMATEUR GAMES On Saturday the usually quiet village of Shandon, on the Gareloch, was the scene of some excitement, resulting in from the occurrence of the amateur games and aquatic sports in connection with the Shandon Hydropathic Establishment. The land sports were conducted in aContinue reading “Shandon Hydro Amateur Games”

Regatta Preparation

HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY 9 AUGUST 1883 SHANDON – THE REGATTA The arrangements for the regatta are now almost completed. There are 15 events on the programme, and as this is the last regatta of the season, a good turn-out of crews is expected. For the confined four-oared race, three crews are hard at practice, andContinue reading “Regatta Preparation”

Wet Weather Entertainment

HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY 8 SEPTEMBER 1892 SHANDON ‘BALL POUDRE’ AT SHANDON HYDROPATHIC The disagreeable wet weather has had the effect of making the numerous guests in this establishment seek out entertainment for themselves, with the aid of the resident staff. On Friday evening a grand ‘ball poudre’ was devised and carried out with great effectContinue reading “Wet Weather Entertainment”

Alterations from West Shandon House to Hydro

HELENSBURGH NEWS THURSDAY 5 JUNE 1879 SHANDON HYDROPATHIC ESTABLISHMENT In the autumn of 1877 a company was formed to convert West Shandon House into a sanatorium on temperance principles, and the house, as taken over from the late Mr Napier’s trustees at a fifth of the money that been expended upon it, was opened withContinue reading “Alterations from West Shandon House to Hydro”

Review of the Shandon Hydro on opening

GLASGOW HERALD WEDNESDAY 17TH OCTOBER 1877 SHANDON HYDROPATHIC INSTITUTION The palatial structure at West Shandon, built by the late Robert Napier, and now the property of the Shandon Hydropathic Company, was yesterday publicly inaugurated, and is now open for the reception of visitors. The existing building, on which considerable alterations and improvements have just beenContinue reading “Review of the Shandon Hydro on opening”