Alterations from West Shandon House to Hydro

HELENSBURGH NEWS THURSDAY 5 JUNE 1879 SHANDON HYDROPATHIC ESTABLISHMENT In the autumn of 1877 a company was formed to convert West Shandon House into a sanatorium on temperance principles, and the house, as taken over from the late Mr Napier’s trustees at a fifth of the money that been expended upon it, was opened withContinue reading “Alterations from West Shandon House to Hydro”

Review of the Shandon Hydro on opening

GLASGOW HERALD WEDNESDAY 17TH OCTOBER 1877 SHANDON HYDROPATHIC INSTITUTION The palatial structure at West Shandon, built by the late Robert Napier, and now the property of the Shandon Hydropathic Company, was yesterday publicly inaugurated, and is now open for the reception of visitors. The existing building, on which considerable alterations and improvements have just beenContinue reading “Review of the Shandon Hydro on opening”

Shandon in January 1886

Dear blog reader, this is the fifth part of a series looking at the news in Shandon in particular weeks in history. In the week leading up to Thursday 28 January 1886 Reverend Millar gave a lecture on Scottish songs, the Mutual Improvement Society heard a lecture on lighthouses and the annual aquatic entertainment andContinue reading “Shandon in January 1886”

Shandon in January 1885

Dear blog reader, this is the fourth part of a series looking at the news in Shandon in particular weeks in history. In the week leading up to Thursday 22 January 1885 Reverend Millar gave a lecture in the West Free Church, Helensburgh and there was aquatic entertainment at the Hydro. HELENSBURGH NEWS 22 JANUARYContinue reading “Shandon in January 1885”

Shandon Hydro Hotel in Verse

HELENSBURGH NEWS 27 MAY 1880 The new institution is getting into fame already, if we may judge from the following vers de Societie: A Young Man’s Lament Woe worth the day when first I sawThe Shandon Hydropathic!Since that date I lament my fateIn language most emphatic A country lad, my heart was glad,And quite untouchedContinue reading “Shandon Hydro Hotel in Verse”

Christmas at Shandon 1879

Dear blog reader, this is the third part in the series looking at what was the focus in Shandon in a particular week in time. These reports appeared in the first 1880 edition of the Helensburgh News reporting on Christmas night at the Hydro and those people who were staying at the Hydro that Christmas.Continue reading “Christmas at Shandon 1879”

Drowning opposite Blairvaddich

Dundee Evening Telegraph 23 September 1884 Sad drowning of two boys near Helensburgh Shortly after four o’clock yesterday, two lads named Gordon Carnachan, son of Dr Carnachan, and Archibald Campbell, son of Captain Campbell, of the Circassia, each aged about 16, started from Clynder in the lugsail boat Zulu to cross the loch. When oppositeContinue reading “Drowning opposite Blairvaddich”

Shandon Yacht Fire

The Scotsman 26 July 1930 Yesterday, when two engineers were endeavouring to start the engines of a twin-screw cabin cruiser on the Gareloch near the Glasgow Motor Boat Racing Club’s pier at Shandon, one of the engines mis-fired and an explosion occurred, throwing one of the men into the fore-saloon with great violence. A fireContinue reading “Shandon Yacht Fire”