The Oratorio

THE HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1884 SHANDON COURSE OF LECTURES The Church here was crowded on Friday evening last to hear Mr Thomas Brash’s lecture on the ‘Oratorio’. Mr Brash gave a historical account of its development and progress down to the present time. The lecture was a great success, and its interest wasContinue reading “The Oratorio”

Shandon 1841 Census Part 1

Dear blog reader I am so excited to start a new family history Shandon series – the censuses of Shandon, beginning with 1841, 4 pages of the original schedule at a time. I do hope all of you with Shandon ancestors will find this useful. Jacqueline. ****************************************** Page 1 House Name Name Age Occupation IfContinue reading “Shandon 1841 Census Part 1”

Ordination of Reverend Hugh Miller

HELENSBURGH NEWS, THURSDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 1882 SHANDON FREE CHURCH ORDINATION AT SHANDON The ordination of the Rev Hugh Miller, MA, to the pastoral charge of this Church took place on Tuesday. There was a large congregation, and the Rev John Elder, Arrochar, preached and presided. At the close of service the young minister received aContinue reading “Ordination of Reverend Hugh Miller”