Theft from Broomfield Cottage

THE GLASGOW HERALD, FRIDAY, AUGUST 9, 1889 CIRCUIT COURT AT STIRLING The autumn Circuit Court for the counties of Stirling and Dumbarton, Clackmannan and Kinross, was held yesterday – Lord Wellwood being the presiding Judge. Patrick McGee, labourer, was charged with having, on 6th July, between Gartmore and Kelty Tunnel Works, robbed Patrick McDade, labourer,Continue reading “Theft from Broomfield Cottage”

Opinion of charitable mansions

Dear blog reader I was fascinated when I discovered a local opinion on the giving of mansions to charity, given that I have published 3 blog posts on Broomfield and Berriedale being handed to charities. I hope you also find this alternative opinion interesting. Jacqueline *************************************** GLASGOW HERALD WEDNESDAY 17 APRIL 1895 FRESH AIR FORTNIGHTContinue reading “Opinion of charitable mansions”

Shandon in March and May 1879

Dear blog reader, this is the eighth part of a series looking at the news in Shandon in particular weeks in history.,in this case in March and May 1879. In the week ending Thursday 20 March 1879 the focus in Shandon was a ball in the joiners’ shop for gardeners, coachmen and others and inContinue reading “Shandon in March and May 1879”