Theft from Broomfield Cottage



The autumn Circuit Court for the counties of Stirling and Dumbarton, Clackmannan and Kinross, was held yesterday – Lord Wellwood being the presiding Judge.

Patrick McGee, labourer, was charged with having, on 6th July, between Gartmore and Kelty Tunnel Works, robbed Patrick McDade, labourer, of two bottles of whisky and 2s of money. Accused pleaded not guilty, and, after evidence, was convicted of stealing the whisky, and sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment.

William McDonald was charged with having, on 25th and 26th June, stolen a pair of boots from the door of a shop in Dumbarton; and also with having broken into Broomfield Cottage, Shandon, and stolen a quantity of wearing apparel. Seven previous convictions were libelled against the prisoner, who pleaded not guilty, and conducted his own defence. The jury found the prisoner guilty of the Shandon charge, and sentence was passed of five years’ penal servitude.

The Gareloch from Kirk Brae, Shandon

James Mulgrew, labourer, was convicted of an assault with intent to ravish near Torrance of Campsie, and was sentenced to twelve months’ imprisonment.

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