Where Shall We Go At Christmas



Time was when people never dreamt of leaving home at Christmas or New Year. It was a family festival, spent in the bosom of the family. People gathered all their relations about them, and, if their hearts were big and bountiful, invited, too, the solitary and the homeless to share the feast. But we have changed all that. The press of modern business is so great that people welcome a respite at the mid-winter holiday from social cares, and so they hie them off, bag and baggage, to a hydropathic, there to be feasted and right royally entertained without any both of catering on their part. For busy mothers and fathers this is an excellent plan, and year by year it is being more widely adopted. And as for the children, they don’t object you may be sure! for well they know that there is not a jollier place going at Christmas than a hydropathic with its Christmas trees for the juveniles and its mistletoe and other delights for the ‘buds’ and their brothers. Many a match – if rumour speaks true – but there! – that is quite another story! Let us now see the fare which enterprising hydropathic managers have provided for this client at this festive season.


Shandon, with its lovely situation on the shore of the Gareloch, is always a popular resort, and one is not surprised to hear that all its accommodation is already bespoke for the Christmas season. The grounds, extending to 70 acres, and with five miles of walks, are a great attraction – the conservatory forms a capital lounge in bad weather, and there is a golf course with a surpassingly lovely situation. The Christmas programme includes the usual features, with the addition of a musical recital by Mr and Mrs Jean Walther, and the guests will dance the old year out and the new year in as a costume ball.

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