Shandon 1841 Census Part 1

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I am so excited to start a new family history Shandon series – the censuses of Shandon, beginning with 1841, 4 pages of the original schedule at a time.

I do hope all of you with Shandon ancestors will find this useful.



Shandon from the pier

Page 1

House NameNameAgeOccupationIf Scottish whether born in county or notIf foreign or born in England or Ireland
StuckenduffJohn Orr85FarmerNo
Christina Orr65No
Anne Orr25Yes
Mary Orr15Yes
Janet Campbell9No
Elizabeth Campbell7No
Agnes McLellan15No
Isabella McLellan10No
Anna Orr3Yes
Peter Cochrane40Agricultural LabourerYes
Jean Munar20Female servantNo
Stuckenduff CottageDavid Lang70WriterYes
Marion Lang65No
Isabella Lang30No
Barbara Lang25Yes
James Lang25WriterYes
John Lang25WriterNo
Jean Anderson20Female servantNo
Marion Ferguson20Female servantNo
Offices of StuckenduffJohn Neilson50GardenerNo
Chappell Burn CottageJames Wingate60Insurance BarkerNo
Margaret Wingate55Yes
George Wingate25WarehousemanNo
William Wingate20No
Margaret Wingate20No

Page 2

House NameNameAgeOccupationIf Scottish whether born in county or notIf foreign or born in England or Wales
Chappell Burn CottageJames Wingate14No
Isabella Ingles25Female ServantNo
Chappell Burn TerraceArchibald Cochrane30Agricultural labourerYes
Elizabeth Cochrane25DressmakerYes
William Cochrane20Male servantYes
Isabella Cochrane20Female servantYes
LetrualtElizabeth Cochrane65Independent meansNo
James Cochrane14Agricultural labourerYes
Norman McDonald20Agricultural labourerNo
Duncan Gillis20Agricultural labourerNo
Susan McGilp15Female servantNo
Woodburn HouseJane McClure50Independent meansNo
Jane McClure20No
Robert McClure25MerchantNo

James Brown20MerchantNo
Walter McKenzie20AccountantYes
Janet Connal20Female servantNo
Mary Douglas15Female servantNo
Woodburn CottageJohn McLaren35StationerNo
Marion McLaren30No
James McLaren7No
John McLaren5No
William McLaren3No
Jane Hutchison 30Female servantForeign
John Graham15Male servantForeign

Page 3

House NameNameAgeOccupationIf Scottish whether born in county or notIf foreign or if born in England or Ireland
Barr cottageDr William Fleming45ProfessorNo
Elizabeth Fleming25Independent MeansNo
Janet Blaikie40Female servantNo
William Smith13Male servantNo
LinnburnSamuel McCall70Independent meansNo
Marion Reston20Female servantNo
Ann Reid20Female servantNo
Fueland CottageWilliam Bryce25GardenerNo
Janet Bryce25No
James Bryce1Yes
Mary McFarlane12Female servantYes
GlenfeulanEdward Clarke35MerchantEnglish
Margaret Clarke30No
Edward Clarke8No
James Clarke6No
John Clarke5No
Margaret Clarke3No
Alexander Davison50Independent meansForeign
Isabella Irvine25Independent meansNo
Ann McKay30Female servantNo
Margaret McKechnie25Female servantNo
Eliza Tait20Female servantNo
Glenfeulan officesRobert Gilmour45Male servantNo
Jean Gilmour25No
James Gilmour9No

Page 4

House NameNameAgeOccupationIf Scottish whether born in county or not If foreign or if born in England or Ireland
Glenfeulan officesNeil Gilmour7No
Janet Gilmour5No
Robert Gilmour2No
Agnes Gilmour10 monthsNo
CragmoreRobert Jarvie80MerchantNo
Jane Jarvie55No
Robert Jarvie20MerchantNo
Agnes Jarvie16No
Alexander Jarvie13No
James Jamieson40MerchantNo
Jane Jamieson20No
Michael Jamieson3No
Jane Jamieson2No
Barbara Jamieson4 monthsNo
Anne McBean15No
Ludovick McBean20MerchantNo
Margaret Kinnaird45Female servantNo
Marion Wilson15Female servantNo
Mary Ramsay25Female servantNo
Euphemia Meldrum30Female servantNo
Jane Taylor15Female servantNo
May McLean35Independent meansNo
Cragmore outhousePeter McFarlane10Male servantYes
John Wright14Male servantNo
Greenhill cottageJohn McLelland65MerchantYes

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