Shandon Valuation Roll 1940

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Welcome to the twelfth and final part in a series, a list of the people, with house names where known, who were connected with Shandon in 1940.

(Please see a note at the end of this introduction regarding the next series particularly for my blog readers looking for their ancestors in Shandon.)

In 1940 Shandon had 88 households listed, a very small increase compared to the 87 households in 1935.

This compares with: In 1935 Shandon had 87 households listed, an increase compared to the 79 households in 1930. In 1930 Shandon had 79 households listed, a slight increase compared to 1925. In 1925 Shandon had 73 households listed, a slight decrease on 1920. In 1920 Shandon had 76 households listed, a very slight increase on 1915. In 1915 Shandon had 75 households listed, a slight decrease on 1905. In 1905 Shandon had 82 households listed which was a vast increase on the anomaly of the valuation roll of 1895 when  only 16 households were listed but also an increase on the number of households in the 1885 Shandon valuation roll.   In 1885 Shandon had 74 households, a huge increase from 1875 when Shandon had 32 households. The 1875 number was the exact same number as the 32 households in 1865 which had been a growth of 4 households from the 28 households in 1855.

Hopefully those of you with ancestors from Shandon will find this list useful.

I have now reached the end of my series on the valuation rolls for Shandon. My next series particularly for those people searching for their ancestors in Shandon, published every 6 weeks or so, will be the censuses for Shandon from 1841 through to 1911 (or even 1921 if the National Records of Scotland publishes the 1921 census within the time of writing of my census series) blogged as 2 or 3 pages of the original census returns at a go.


Shandon Church

Gladys Gray Adams, Balernock
Robert D Allan, Ardgare Cottage
Edward Ballantyne, Bashley Lodge
Reverend George Bennett, Manse
Mrs Beverley, Woodbank Place
Ian Hervey Stuart, Croy
William G Brazier, Croy
Charles H Bridge, bungalow, White House
Charles H Bridge, wooden house, Blairvaddich
Andrew Brodie, Hillhead House
Jack Cairns, West Shandon
F Carney
David Carswell, Shandon House
Thomas Cornwall, north lodge, Shandon House
Mrs Helen Craig, Woodbank Place
Mrs Helen Craig, Woodbank Cottage
Marion Crawford, Oakbank
Mrs Duffie, east cottage, West Shandon
David Duggan, Woodbank Place
Alexander Easton, West Shandon
Thomas Elliot, 6 1/2 mile post house, Shandon Station
A J Ferguson, Vista, Balernock
William Y Fleming, Linnburn
Alexander H Fletcher, Lagbuie
Edwin O Fulton, Letrualt
Mrs Margaret Isabel Walker Gibb, Cragmhor
J Gow, Blairvadach Lodge
John D Gray, Faslane Bay
Thomas Grieve, 6 1/2 mile post house, Shandon Station
William Grieve, Shandon House
Robert Haggart, Glenfeulan Lodge
Robert Haliburton, Balernock Cottage
John F Henderson, Glenfeulan
A Henderson, Ardchapel Lodge
Robert Hill, Lagbuie
Lieutenant Eric Scott Hobson, Inverallt
Barclay Hogarth, Croy
Lieutenant Duncan Charles Home, Berriedale
William Houston, Hillhead House
George Hughes, Eda Yarrow Cottage
George Hunt,West Shandon
John Hutcheson
Colonel Henry B Jordon, Bashley
Colonel Henry B Jordon, Woodside Cottage
Archibald H Kedey, Altnacoille
Hugh Kerr, Greenfield Farm
Alexander Kerr, Letrualt
Hubert V KIrkpatrick, Lagbuie
John Crawford Knox, Oakbank
Hugh R Lindsay, wooden bungalow
Mrs W MacAdam, bungalow, Homelands
Mrs MacDougall, the Gables
R MacEwen, Inveralt Cottage
Parlan MacFarlan, Faslane farm
James MacGibbon, Low Balernock
John MacGibbon, golf course
Peter Machray, Agnes Millar Wilson house
Colin M MacKellar, Eda Yarrow Lodge
Miss E MacKenzie, Woodbank Place
Margaret C MacKinlay, Hillhead House
Margaret C MacKinlay, Woodburn cottage
Margaret MacLean, south lodge, West Shandon
George H Torquil MacLeod, Fuinary
Niven MacNair, Glenfeulan Cottage
William Marshall, Hillhead House
D Martin, Blarvaddich
J Mauchlin, Hill Cottage, West Shandon
Mrs Mary Mitchell, widow, bungalow, Carn Moss
Nelson Mitchell, Shandon House
Bruce Morrison, wooden bungalow
Edward L F Mucklow, Ardchapel
Miss M J W Muir, West Shandon
Alexander Pottie, the Gable
John Rankine, wooden bungalow
Doctor T F B Reid, Fuinary
Mrs Ellen D S Riddell, Chapelburn
Mrs Ellen D Riddell, workshop and store
John Rodger, Croy
D Ross, Shandon House
Robert Ross, the Gables
William Scobie, 6 3/4 mile post house, Shandon Station
Henry Scobie, Ardgare lodge
Ronald G Sillars, Stuckenduff
Ronald G Sillars, Ardgare
Charles Stewart, Letrualt
William Strang, south lodge, Shandon House
Thomas Studders, Hillhead House
James Todd, Blairvaddich House
James Walker
William Williamson, Fuinary
J Wilson, Woodside Cottage
[No first name given] Winton, north lodge, West Shandon

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