Ordination At Shandon



On Thursday last the Free Presbytery of Dumbarton met in the Church, at Shandon, for the purpose of ordaining the Rev A Murray McCallum, who had been the unanimous choice of the people, as pastor of that Church.

Shandon Church

The Rev Mr Tait, of Dumbarton, moderator of the Presbytery, preached and presided. On Sabbath last, Mr McCallum was introduced at Shandon by the Rev John W Thomson, of Pitcairngreen, who preached in the forenoon an excellent discourse from Exodus iii 1, and Mr McCallum preached in the afternoon from 2nd Timothy, iv 6.

The Church was crowded, and, from the character of Mr McCallum, and the manner in which he has been received, there is every reason to believe that, by the blessing of God, his ministry will prove both and acceptable and profitable one.

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