Sale of the Shandon Collection – part 8

Dear blog reader

Here is the eighth part of the series on the sale of the contents of Shandon House, also known as the Shandon collection. 

This blog post covers the sale of some of the contents of Robert Napier’s library in Shandon House on the first day of the sale of the Shandon collection.




London, Wednesday.

The amount of sales yesterday was £630 4s. There was a large attendance and bidding was spirited.

The following are some of the prices – Dibden’s Northern Tour, 2vols, calf, £6; Dr Finden’s Illustrations of Lord Byron, 3 vols, morocco, £5 2s 6d; Galerie du Musee Napoleon, 10 vols, large paper, morocco, £17 10s; Thane’s British Gallery of Historical Portraits, 4 vols, £3; Gallery of Portraits, published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, 7 vols, calf, £9, Jerdan’s National Portrait Gallery, 5 vols, morocco, £5 15s; Gell’s Pompeiana, 2 vols, morocco, £5; Glasgow Past and Present, 4 vols, £2 14s; another copy, £3 5s; Gibson’s History of Glasgow, £1 9s; Armorial Insignia of Glasgow; £3 10s; Painted Windows of the Cathedral of Glasgow, £3 10s; Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry, £10; Memorials of the Old College of Glasgow, £6 6s; Annals of the Craft of Skinners of Glasgow, £1 18s; Diary of George Brown, Merchant in Glasgow, £2 8s; Glasgow Looking Glass, £2; Portraits of Deacons of the Trades of Glasgow, £2 2s; Glasgow Voters Manual, 1832, £2 4s; Glasgow Mercury, 1778-86, £7 10s; Grose’s Antiquities, 12 vols, £7 8s; Grose’s Antiquarian Repertory, 4 vols, £6 13s; Jamieson’s Scottish Dictionary, 4 vols, £17; Kay’s Portraits, 2 vols, large paper, £19; Geographical Blavianae, 1662, £5 5s; Hall’s Rova Gallery of Art, 2 vols, morocco, £36; H. B.’s Political Sketches and Index, 10 vols, £48 16s; Johnston’s Physical Atlas, £7; Owen Jones Grammar of Ornament, £18 10s; Owen Jones Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages, £10 10s; Meyrie’s Ancient Armour, 3 vols, £13; Milton’s Paradise Lost, illustrations by Martin, morocco, £5 15s; Nash’s Mansions of England in the Olden Time, 1st and 2d series, £9; Hume and Smollett’s History of England, Oxford edition with folio volume of plates, 17 vols, £12; Hood’s Comic Annual, 1830-39, £3 5s; Mrs Jamieson’s Works, 3 vols, £7 15s.

Robert Napier

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