Sale of the Shandon Collection – part 7

Dear blog reader.

Here is the seventh part of the series on the sale of the contents of Shandon House, also known as the Shandon collection. 

This blog post describes the porcelain sold on the 1st day of the sale of the Shandon collection and follows on from last week’s blog post discussing Robert Napier’s taste in fine art.




Robert Napier

To come to details, the proceeds of today’s sale amounted to £3142. The prices ranged from 14s to 325 guineas, the latter sum being given by Mr Werthemier for a pair of square white jardinieres, (No 170 in the catalogue), painted with cupids in pink by Michel and dated 1763.

The following are some of the other prices obtained: the figures in brackets represent the numbers in the catalogue.

A plate, turquoise ground, painted with a [illegible] in the centre and cameo subjects all round the border, from the Empress Catherine’s service (160) 155 guineas. A companion plate to the foregoing (161), 151 guineas. A fluted bowl, painted with battle subjects in richly gilt borders and gilt inside (50), £172 4s. A set of three vases with subjects and trophies in medallions on white ground (167), £73 10s. A pair of white [illegible] of the largest model, painted with figures in medallions in red, dated 1753 (166) £50. A clock painted with subjects after Watten and richly gilt, surmounted by a figure of [illegible] on pedestal similar (74), £73 11s. A pair of vases turquoise with gold stripes, painted with arabesques and figure subjects in medallions, (171) 50 guineas. A large oval shaped vase painted with flowers, dated 1771 (155), £35. A cabaret, consisting of oval tray, coffee pot and cover, and cup and saucer with boys in pink on gros bleu ground (143), £45 3s. A coffee cup and saucer, gros bleu painted, with views after Verney in metallics (129), £32 10s. A set of three oviform Berlin vases with covers and two beakers of old Berlin porcelain (52), £30 9s. A Mareolini cabaret set, £42. A cup and saucer, painted with Watten subjects (80), £35 13s. A cabaret, painted with bouquets of flowers (82), £30 9s. A small [illegible] barry two-handed cup and saucer, painted by Noeland, dated 1757 (90), £25 4s. A coffee cup and saucer, painted with cameo heads by Fontaine, the gilding by Chauvaux senr., dated 1711 (95), £25 4s. A teapot and cover, dated 1763 (103), £23 3s. A cup and saucer, gros bleu, with figure subjects in medallions, dated 1787 (115), £31. A cabaret, dated 1772, from the Duchess of Gordon’s collection (123), £33 12s. A pair of oviform gros bleu vases, elaborately jewelled (160), £35. An oblong tray, painted by Levepere, dated 1757 (158), £44. An ecuelle, with medallions of landscapes, dated 1766 (163), £35 14s. An ecuelle with trophies in medallions, painted by Bateux senr., (164), £47 5s. A ewer and stand, painted with cupids on red and white ground, and dated 1755 (168), £43 1s.

The attendance was not extraordinarily large, but the principal buyers, Rhodes and others, were well represented, and there was a considerable number of West of Scotland gentlemen. The second portion of the porcelain will be sold tomorrow (Thursday), and the sale of pictures begins on Friday.

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