Annual Meeting of Shandon Church in 1886



On the evening of Wednesday last the annual meeting of the congregation of the Free Church was held, the Rev. Hugh Miller, pastor, presiding.

Reports as to the work and condition of the Church were made by Messrs Walter MacLellan, jun., and Kirkpatrick. These showed the Church to be in a most flourishing condition.

The membership has increased during the past year, and is now double what it was three years ago. A sum of £1566 17s had been collected during the year, of which £1005 was got the building fund and £561 for congregational purposes, including £191 for sustentation fund, £45 for mission, and £32 for the other schemes of the Church.

The reports were adopted. The usual votes of thanks terminated the proceedings.

Shandon Church

4 thoughts on “Annual Meeting of Shandon Church in 1886

  1. Great photo of church. My parents were married there 1948. I was Christened there 1950, I was married there 1975 and my son was Christened there in 1977. Some other family connections too. Great memories.


    1. Hi Alan. Glad you like the photo. Indeed you’ll have amazing memories. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it. Jacqueline.


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