Fire At The Hydro




Helensburgh fire brigade were called out yesterday morning to one of the most serious fires which has occurred in the Gareloch district for a long time. The scene of the outbreak was Shandon Hydro Hotel, which was used by the Admiralty during the war as an experimental station.

The part of the building involved was a large annexe, part of which was occupied by the manager and his family. This annexe contained some 16 bedrooms and was 100 feet long. When the fire brigade arrived, the fire had a firm hold. The flames were shooting up a great height, and were observed a long distance off, many people noticing the glare in the sky across the Clyde as far as Greenock. The brigade concentrated on saving the main building, and after several hours’ work succeeded in confining the flames to the seat of origin. The annexe, the lower part of which was used as a storeroom, was completely ruined, and a considerable amount of stock and furniture destroyed.

When the outbreak was discovered the servants and staff were aroused, and fire extinguishers were used until the arrival of the fire brigade. The damage is believed to be considerable, but the figure has not yet been estimated. The cause of the fire is unknown.

Considerable anxiety was experienced by the guests residing in the Hydro, and many of them left their rooms, and, wrapped in coats, watched the progress of the flames. One of the firemen was bowled over by a jet from one of the hoses, and in falling was cut about the head.

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