Railway Accident at Shandon – part 3

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This is part 3 of a 3 part series on a railway accident at Shandon in  1895, continuing on from parts 1 and 2 published the previous 2 weeks.

I do hope you find this interesting.





Major Marindin reports to the Board of Trade on the accident which occurred on the 14th October, at Shandon Station, on the West Highland Branch of the North British Railway. All the three carriages which were derailed were damaged. One passenger was seriously injured and another was shaken.

Shandon Station

Major Marindin says:- I attribute the accident partly to the delay of the signalman at Shandon in going to make the road and lower the signals for the up train, and to his having omitted to restore the points to their normal position after the passing of the down train: and partly to the up distant signal light having been out when the train passed it, and to the leading driver of the train having lost his way.

The evidence of the drivers, taken with that of Inspectors Bell and Davidson, raised the suspicion that the signalman at Shandon did not pay proper attention to his duties in regard to the trimming and lighting of the distant-signal lamps.

This accident furnished an argument in favour of fitting the safety appliances at facing points, so that the locking bar is actuated by the same lever as the points, instead of, as is far more common, by the lever working the bolt lock.

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