Character of a Shandon Minister


The Rev Neil Brodie, of Pollokshaws Free Church, who died the other day, was succeeded in Shandon Free Church by three or four ministers who all held the fort for very short periods.

Mr Brodie’s immediate successor was of an extremely irritable temperament, and immediately after his settlement he began to quarrel with his elders. One of these gentlemen owned a large estate in the latitude in which arrowroot is grown, and thinking that a small barrel of the season’s first fruits might mollify the minister and be accepted by him as a peace offering, an olive branch, or any other symbol of amity, he straightway put his deign into execution.

The minister, spying the elder approaching, answered the door himself. On being politely and modestly requested to accept the gift, he gruffly bade the elder to put his offerings in the church plate, and, turning on his heel, slammed the door in the good man’s face.

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