Fatal accident at Shandon


On the evening of New Year’s Day, Alexander Davidson, gardener with George Martin, Esq., Greenhill, was drowned by the upsetting of the ferry-boat.

Davidson, who was not only a total abstainer, but a thoroughly consistent Christian man, attended the prayer meeting in Shandon Free Church in New Year’s Day, and afterwards the meeting of the Sabbath and week-day school children, and at six o’clock went to the ferry to meet a sister-in-law, who was expected by the steamer. He went out in the boat along with the ferryman, when (whether through the fault of the ferryman, or those in the steamer Gem, or both, remains to be cleared up) the ferry-boat came into contact with the steamer’s paddles, and was upset.

MacKinlay, the ferryman, rose to the surface and was saved, but Davidson never appeared above water. On Sabbath the body was recovered. The death of Alexander Davidson is a loss not only to his widow and child, but to the whole Shandon district. An intelligent, active and energetic man, he was ready to every good word and work; he was a devoted Sabbath-school teacher, and took an active part in the Mutual Improvement Society. During the time he has been at Shandon he has earned the esteem of poor and rich.

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