Shandon Hydro Amateur Games



On Saturday the usually quiet village of Shandon, on the Gareloch, was the scene of some excitement, resulting in from the occurrence of the amateur games and aquatic sports in connection with the Shandon Hydropathic Establishment. The land sports were conducted in a field within the grounds north of the establishment, and the aquatic sports in the Gareloch below. These events brought together a large number of ladies and gentlemen from the surrounding district, and what with the residents of the Hydropathic Establishment, numbering over 200 at present, and the resident population, the games were very largely attended. The directors of the establishment had kindly arranged that the extensive grounds would be thrown open to visitors, which was largely taken advantage of.

A grand stand was erected in the field, draped with crimson, and among the occupants were:- Mrs Dennistoun of Golfhill and party, Mrs C Jones Parry of Row and party, Mrs Morrison, Ashcraig and party; Mrs Wm Orr Ewing, Rhu Lodge, and party; Mrs Wm Clark, Golfhill, and party; Mrs Couper, Dalmore, and party.

The day’s amusement commenced with the land sports, and, as the weather was favourable, passed off without a hitch. On no previous occasion was the number of visitors at the establishment so large, and the management of Mr Stockdale was thoroughly satisfactory. The judges were:- Lawn tennis – James Muir, Glasgow, and F L Morrison, Glasgow. Field sports – F L Morrison and A Donaldson, Edinburgh, Croquet – Mr Child, London. Bowling – A Morrison, Glasgow. Aquatics – Mr Priestly, of the establishment, starter; and Mr A Donaldson, judge.

The prizes were awarded as follows:-

Croquet (open to the establishment) – Ladies’ prize, Miss Forrest, Dublin; girls’ prize, Miss Muir, Glasgow; boys’ prize, Master Boswell Donaldson, Edinburgh.

Bowling (open to the establishment) – 1st, Mr McLean, gardener, Shandon; 2nd, Mr Mollison, Glasgow.

Flat race, 100 yards, boys under 15 (open to Helensburgh and the Gareloch) – 1st, Donald Donaldson; 2nd, Stanley Priestley and P W Torrance, equal. Flat race, quarter mile (open to Helensburgh and the Gareloch) – 1st, Wm McKinlay, Helensburgh; 2nd, T Vallance, Shandon. Flat race – 100 yards – boys under 15 (open to the establishment) – 1st, Dugid Milne, Aberdeen; 2nd, Stanley Priestly. Sack race (open to the establishment) – 1st, J Blair, Shandon, 2nd, B Donaldson, Edinburgh. Flat race – half-mile (open to Helensburgh and the Gareloch) – 1st, W McKinlay, 2nd, J Johnston. Wheelbarrow race (open to the establishment) – 1st, J Sloan, 2nd, J Dempster. Hop, step and jump (open to Helensburgh and the Gareloch) – W McKinlay. Pitcher race (open to the establishment) – George McKenzie. Ladies’ race (open to Helensburgh and the Gareloch) – Miss Helen Allan. Trousers race (open to the establishment) – G McKenzie and A Porter. Tug-of -war (open to the establishment) – House v Gardeners – Gardeners won. Band race – quarter-mile – senior – 1st, Daniel McPherson, 2nd, Samuel Smith. Junior – 1st, Wm Cox, 2nd, Alfred George Carter. Girls’ race (confined to the establishment) – 1st Annie Eadie, 2nd, Grace Muir. Boys’ race (confined to the establishment) – 1st H Brand, 2nd G Muir.

Four-oared jollyboat race (open to the Gareloch) – 1st, Helensburgh crew – Wm McKinlay, Wm Ireland, David McCall, 2nd, Row – Peter Farquhar, Donald McLeod, Angus McLeod, Robert Rodger. Two-oared jollyboat race for ladies (open to the establishment) – The Misses Horsburgh, Edinburgh. Jollyboat race (open to the Cumberland boys) – Crew of No 4 gig. Punt race – 1st, J Ingram, 2nd, McKellar. Swimming – boys’ race (open to Helensburgh and the Gareloch) – 1st, Stanley Priestly, Shandon, 2nd, J Elborn, Shandon. Swimming handicap, 100 yards (open to Helensburgh and the Gareloch) – 1st, A McKinlay, Helensburgh, 2nd, W Dick. Duck hunt – After an exciting chase the duck was caught.

At the close Mrs Dennistoun presented the prizes to the successful competitors in front of the establishment, where a temporary platform was erected. The Chairman of the Board of Directors (Bailie Morrison, of Glasgow) proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs Dennistoun, which was heartily given. Three cheers were also called for Mr Gardiner, the chairman of the Sports Committee, which was warmly accorded, and the large party afterwards dispersed.

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