Farewell Reverend Brodie



On Sabbath, 9th current, the Rev N Brodie, Shandon, preached for the last time to his present congregation previous to his induction at Pollockshaws. On the evening of Wednesday last week a soiree was held in the Church, which was again filled, for the purpose of presenting Mr Brodie with a testimonial of esteem and affection from the members of the congregation residing in the parish during the winter months, and other in the neighbourhood.

After tea etc, Mr J Gillies, Shandon, one of the elders, rose and said – When we found Mr Brodie was thus to leave us it occurred to several of us that we could not let him go without, at least, presenting him with some substantial token of our esteem and affection. We soon found that this desire was general, and when the subscription list was produced members of other denominations subscribed as cheerfully as we did ourselves. One gentleman in the neighbourhood, not a member of the Free Church, whose name is associated with Shandon (W Buchanan, Esq, MP for Glasgow), handsomely headed the subscription list. They had judged it best to present the whole as a purse of sovereigns.

Addressing Mr Brodie Mr Gillies said – Rev and dear Sir, I present you with this purse, containing 75 sovereigns, in name of those of your congregation now present and other attached friends, with their united prayers for your future welfare and success. – Mr Brodie, in accepting the gift, replied with much feeling and power.

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