Regatta Preparation



The arrangements for the regatta are now almost completed. There are 15 events on the programme, and as this is the last regatta of the season, a good turn-out of crews is expected.

For the confined four-oared race, three crews are hard at practice, and as they are evenly matched a close race is expected. For the amateur four-oared race four crews have already entered.

The races will start from opposite the Hydropathic Establishment.



This event, which takes place here on Saturday first, is looked forward to with great interest.

The money prizes offered are most inviting, and already the entries are very numerous, the Secretary, up to Monday, having received no fewer than 31 for swimming alone, and he is certain of a great many more. The sailing and rowing matches will also be well contested, and this being the last regatta for the season in the district, it will decide the championship of the Gareloch.

The committee are desirous that the day should be observed as a general holiday, and we see no reason why arrangements could not be made for carrying out the views of those who devoted so much time in getting up a most pleasant day’s pastime.

In addition to the events published for sometime, it has been agreed, as will be seen from our advertising columns, that good prizes be offered for an extra lugsail race for boats not exceeding 20 feet keel. Altogether, the arrangements are most complete, and should the elements prove favourable, there is sure to be a large turnout of spectators.

The course has been fixed from opposite the Hydropathic (a better could not be found in any loch in Scotland), and spectators can have a fine view from the high battery.

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