Wet Weather Entertainment




The disagreeable wet weather has had the effect of making the numerous guests in this establishment seek out entertainment for themselves, with the aid of the resident staff.

On Friday evening a grand ‘ball poudre’ was devised and carried out with great effect – flowers, plants, flags, and little bits of beauty decorating the large hall of the house.

Mr Evans, the hairdresser from Helensburgh, with assistants from Glasgow, were busy from an early hour in the afternoon, in two rooms set apart for the purpose, with wigs, powder, paint and patches, preparing the guests ‘in ye style of ye days of the seventeenth century’.

The large company presented a most interesting and attractive appearance, moving with graceful manner among the gay trappings of the hall, and all looked happy in their gorgeous costumes – the ladies, of course, demanding the first consideration.

The dance opened at nine o’clock, and, after a pleasant evening’s enjoyment, the guests retired about 2.30am.

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