Shandon 1879 into 1880

Dear blog reader, this is the ninth part of a series looking at the news in Shandon in particular weeks in history.,in this case the tail end of 1879 into 1880. Some of the highlights were a professor who could read character, summer season debate about accommodation to let and a very busy Hydro with worldwide visitors including from Moscow, Hildesheim and Dublin.




PROFESSOR THORBURN – On Saturday last great interest was manifested by all the visitors to the Hydropathic by the visit of Mr Thorburn. From the time he arrived until about 10.30pm he was as busy as he could be giving delineations of character of some of the visitors and a great many of the servants of the establishment. Immediately after dinner the recreation room was re-seated, and a large assemblage of ladies and gentlemen at once filled the place, when the young Professor delivered a lecture, which was much enjoyed, and closed amidst the applause of the audience.




THE SEASON – Now we are all enjoying healthy and invigorating weather, and although there are few houses to let, the demand has been great, and not one remains to take up either for July or August. Of course the Hydropathic Establishment has its great attractions, but instead of hurting house letting it would seem to improve it, as although the greatest comfort and convenience is afforded in the house, it is meant greatly for night or week boarders, whereas those who would like to enjoy themselves at the shore prefer private residences. The Hydropathic, however, is being largely patronised, and the more that its facilities for health and recreation are made known, it will, we believe, be the more readily taken advantage of. It is certainly most cheering to see the numbers who leave the establishment after breakfast to patrol the shores.





Mrs Hutton, Mr McMurchie, Ayr
Mr, Mrs, Misses, and Masters Black, nurse and child, Edinburgh
Mr, Mrs and Miss MacDougal, Seville
Mrs Irevine, Glasgiw
Mr, Mrs and Masters Laird, Glasgow
Mr John Bricket, Mr R Reyburn, Kilmarnock
Mrs Q O Turnbull, Miss Stevenson, Kilmarnock
Miss Bowman, Edinburgh
Mrs and Miss Walker, Newport
Mrs Beattie, Cupar, Fife
Miss Fullarton, Dundee
Mr Paterson, Edinburgh
Mr Roberts, Mrs and Miss Turnbull, Selkirk
Mr and Miss Thomson, Falkirk
Miss H Thomson, Dollar
Mr H Walker, Dundee
Miss Quigley, Edinburgh
Miss Park, Ayr
Mr Wright, Mr King, Leicester
Mr and Miss Currie, Glasgow
Mr Speedie, Abernethy
Mr, Mrs and Misses Brooksmith, Cheltenham
Mr Fraser
Mr Wilson, Broughty Ferry
Misses Schultzen, Hildesheim; Miss Schultzen, Dundee
Mr Coleman, Glasgow
Mr R Y and Misses Green, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Mr Munro, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Mr Smail, Dundee
Mr D Brand, Grangemouth
Miss K Fullarton, Ardestie
Mr and Mrs Melville, Falkirk
Miss Rose, Elgin
Messrs Oliver, Hawick
Mr and Mrs J Morrison, Glasgow
Mr F L Morrison, Glasgow
Mr and Mrs J Thomson, Alloa
Mr Gibson, Mr Foulis, Mr Fergus, Glasgow
Mr, Mrs and Miss Smith, Glasgow
Mr Gardner, Mr Macredie, Mr Martin, Mr Drummond, Mr Stewart, Mr Russell, Glasgow
Mr Wither, London
Mr McMurchie, Ayr
Mr Nelson, Wakefield
Mr and Mrs J Smith, Bonnybridge
Mr and Mrs Smith, Glasgow
Mr and Mrs Cunningham, nurse and child, Glasgow
Mr, Mrs and Mr H W R Child, Miss Churchill, Miss Benny, London
Mr, Miss and Master Donaldson, Miss Boswall, Edinburgh
Gervase Taylor, Dublin
Mrs and Miss Carson, London
Mrs, Miss and Master Gibson, Moscow
Mr, Mrs and Misses Keith, Aberdeen
Mr and Mrs Marshall, London
Miss Knight, Moffat
Mr and Mrs Brand, nurse and children, Glasgow
Miss Gordon, Glasgow
Mrs Thomson, Dalkeith
Mrs L Stephen, children and nurses, Aberdeen
Misses Ada and Maude Palmer
Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Masters Muir, Glasgow
Mr, Misses, and Master Milne, and valet, Aberdeen

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