Shandon in March and May 1879

Dear blog reader, this is the eighth part of a series looking at the news in Shandon in particular weeks in history.,in this case in March and May 1879. In the week ending Thursday 20 March 1879 the focus in Shandon was a ball in the joiners’ shop for gardeners, coachmen and others and in the week ending Thursday 1 May 1879 the focus in Shandon was a large egg and the bequests in the will of the late Dr Hugh Miller.





Ball – The gardeners, coachmen, and others had a ball on Friday evening last in the joiners’ shop, which was well attended and heartily enjoyed, the great harmony prevailing throughout. In the course of the evening an excellent tea was partaken of, and at intervals some capital songs were sung by Misses Hamilton and Murphie, and Messrs Jas. Thomson, James McDonald, Colin Sinclair, etc, and the Gaelic element was well maintained by Messrs Stewart and Turner. Mr C Sinclair, as master of ceremonies, performed his part admirably, and much credit is due to Messrs Thomas Park and Thomas McInnes for the successful manner in which they arranged and carried out the whole programme. The music was supplied by Messrs Graham and Aitken, and gave every satisfaction.





Large egg – A hen belonging to Mrs Vallance, Quay Head, dropped an egg the other day which measured 8 1/2 inches the one way and 6 1/2 the other – certainly a ‘dainty dish’ for breakfast.

Bequests by the late Dr Miller – Bequests amounting in all to £40,850 have been left to various religious, missionary, and philanthropic objects by the late Dr Hugh Miller, Broomfield. Two-thirds of this large sum is devoted entirely to missionary objects, the largest individual bequest being one of £30,000 to the Foreign Mission Committee of the Free Church of Scotland. The only local bequest is that of £1000 to the Row School Board for the advancement of secondary education by founding a bursary.

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