Shandon in January 1881

Dear blog reader, this is the sixth part of a series looking at the news in Shandon in particular weeks in history. In the week ending Thursday 13 January 1881 there had been a presentation at the Shandon Hydropathic Hotel to a member of staff and there were visitors to the Hydropathic Hotel from all over Scotland plus Manchester.






A number of the servants of this establishment met in the sewing-room, on Friday last, for the purpose of presenting their engineman, Mr James McLean, with a timepiece on the occasion of his marriage. The presentation was made by Mr Wm Priestly in a few well-chosen remarks, to which Mr McLean suitably replied, and the proceedings terminated with a Scotch reel. The timepiece, which is a very handsome one, bore the following incription: ‘Presented to Mr James McLean, on the occasion of his marriage, by the servants of West Shandon House – January 14 1881’.



Glasgow – Mr John Henderson, jun., Mrs Henderson, children, nurses, Mr John H Forbes, Mr Smith, Mrs Thomson, Miss Thomson, Mr Harvey, Mr W Simson, Mr J Donaldson, Mr C A Nichol.

Aberdeen – Mr Milne, Miss Milne, Miss Ina Milne, Master Bertie Milne, valet.

Ayr – Mr White, Mr J Reid, Mr Lang, Mrs Lang.

Bonnybridge – Rev J Steel, Mrs Steel.

Dundee – Mr Monfries.

Dumfries – Miss J J Mitchell, Dr Hoggan, Mrs Hoggan.

Edinburgh – Mrs Avery, Miss Ker.

Hamilton – Mr Brown, Mrs Brown, Miss Lucy Brown, Master Brown.

Montrose – Miss H A Smith.

Paisley – Mrs Murray, Miss Murray.

Manchester – Mr Henry Russell.

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