Battrum’s Guide and Directory 1875

Dear blog reader, this week a name-rich source for any of you with ancestors from Shandon.

Note some slightly different spellings which are exactly as they appeared in the directory.



Five miles from Helensburgh West. Omnibus leaves Helensburgh at 5pm daily; leaves Old Toll, Shandon at 7.50am in connection with the 9am train.

Archibald, George, gardener, Croy.
Baillie, Mrs, John, Jamieson’s Cottage
Baillie, Miss, dressmaker, Jamieson’s Cottage
Barr, John, coachman, Garemount
Brechin, Reverend, John, Free Church
Brodie, Andrew, keeper, Bolernick
Brown, Hugh, coachman, Belmore
Bryce, James, gardener, Letrualt
Cameron, Donald, gardener, Summerhill
Cavana, Robert, coachman, Woodburn
Cochran, Archibald, Chapelburn
Colquhoun, Angus, Ardenconnel Lodge
Cowan, Alexander, Glenfeulan
Cowan, John Black, MD, JP, Greenhill
Crichton, Charles, gardener, Blairvaddick
Cunningham, Miss, Woodburn
Cuthill, Lawrence, Bolernick Farm
Dick, John, Shandon Bank
Duncan, Walter, gardener, Garemount
Fisher, Andrew, coachman, Lagbouie
Free Church, Reverend John Brechin
McGee, Magnus, gardener, Berriedale
Gillies, Malcolm, labourer, Shandon House
Glen, John, Letterwell
Glen, Robert, Stuckinduff Farm
Hamilton, James, McKinlay’s Land
Hannighen, Mrs, West Shandon Lodge
Hartley, Mrs, Letrualt
Hoag, John, coachman, Blairvaddick
Hunter, George, gardener, Broomfield
Jamieson, William, JP, Shandon House
Johnstone, David, Croy
Keith, Duncan, Church officer
Kerr, James, Ardgare
Ley, John, butler, West Shandon
MacLellan, John Alexander, Craigmore
MacLeod, Professor George, HB, MD, FRCS, Funnery
Mathieson, John, JP, Ardgare
Marshall, William, gardener, Greenhill
Maxwell, James, gardener, West Shandon
Maxwell, Thomas, gardener, Ardgare
Miller, Dr Hugh, JP, Broomfield
Munroe, Alexander, grocer
McDonald, John, Belmore
McDonald, Mrs, Norman
McDonald, Mrs, Belmore
McDonald, Roderick, gardener, Shandon House
McFarlane, Alexander, Bolernick Cottage
McFarlane, John, Lennoxbank, Faslane
McGeorge, James, McKinlay’s Land
McKellar, Hugh, McKinlay’s Land
McPhail, Donald, gardener, Funnery
McPherson, Alexander, Woodside Cottage
McKenzie, Donald, gardener, Broomknowe
McKinlay, Duncan, ferryman
McLellan, Mrs, Craigmore
McLellan, Walter, JP, Blairvaddick
McLellan, Miss, Oakbank
McNicol, John, ploughman, West Shandon
Napier, Robert, West Shandon
Neil, James, coachman, Glenfeulan
Omnibus Station, Old Toll
Reid, James, Berriedale
Robertson, Donald, gardener, Glenfeulan
Ross, Hugh, gardener, Ardchapel
Scoular, Andrew, coachman, Greenhill
Sinclair, Duncan, Laigh Bolernick Farm
Shaw, Archibald, shepherd, Bolernick Cottage
Swan, William., LLD, Professor of Natural Philosophy, University, St Andrews, Ardchapel, Shandon
Taylor, Mrs, Henry, Stuckinduff
Taylor, Mr, gardener, Linburn
Thomson, Mrs, Linburn
Thomson, Thomas, coachman, West Shandon
Turner, Duncan, Lagbouie
Vallance, Thomas, road surfaceman, Old Toll
Watson, Gavin, gardener, Letrualt
Walker, Mrs G Lyon, Garemount
Weild, Mrs, Summerhill
Weir, Archibald, ploughman, Hill Cottage

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