Car accident 1904



Last night about seven o’clock an accident occurred by which a young lady received injuries, and damage was done to a car and a house and a van. The motor car belonged to Mrs Kirkpatrick, of Lagbuie, Shandon, and at the time, besides the driver, there were on the car Miss Jane Kirkpatrick and other members of the family. The motor was proceeding towards Helensburgh. Between Glenfeulan and Fuinary the road takes a sharp bend, and before rounding this the driver of the motor blew his horn. The road is downhill, and the motor at the time was running free-wheel. On turning the corner the driver found the road in part blocked by a lorry and a spring van. It is alleged that the lorry and van were abreast of each other, thus making it impossible for the motor to pass.

The motor driver put on his brake and clutch, and came to a dead stop just in front of and nearly touching the van. The horse reared, and came heavily down upon the bonnet of the motor, then rolled sideways, and became jammed between the motor and the lorry, receiving very severe injuries, while the van was also damaged. The fore part of the motor was also damaged by the horse’s plunging. Miss Kirkpatrick, who had been seated beside the driver, had her foot jammed, and was taken to a neighbouring cottage, and medical aid summoned. The driver of the van escaped unhurt.

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