Shandon in January 1886

Dear blog reader, this is the fifth part of a series looking at the news in Shandon in particular weeks in history. In the week leading up to Thursday 28 January 1886 Reverend Millar gave a lecture on Scottish songs, the Mutual Improvement Society heard a lecture on lighthouses and the annual aquatic entertainment and the new pier were being anticipated.




On Friday evening the schoolroom was crowded to its utmost capacity to hear a lecture by the Rev Hugh Miller, who took for his subject ‘The Songs of Scotland. Mr Miller was also assisted by a choir under the leadership of Mr Donald McCallum, which greatly added to the evening’s enjoyment. The lecture itself was most enjoyable. The humorous quotations from the old Scotch songs kept the audience in constant amusement. The choir, which did its part well, was strong and well-balanced, all the songs being rendered with great spirit, giving evidence of careful training on Mr McCallum’s part. The following are the names of the songs sung: ‘March of the Cameron Men’, ‘Johnnie Cope’, ‘Kate Dalrymple’, ‘Aye waukin’, oh’, ‘The Laird o’ Cockpen’, ‘A wee bird cam”, ‘John Anderson, my Joe’, ‘Green grow the rashes’, ‘Willie Wastle’, also a solo by Miss Finlay, ‘Auld Robin Gray’, which was sung very nicely. Mr McCallum sung ‘John Grumlie’ and ‘Oor Mary had an e’e tae a man’, which fairly took the house by storm. Miss Tina McLachlan and Mr S Priestley were efficient accompanists. On the motion of the chairman (Mr A J Kirkpatrick), votes of thanks to the Rev lecturer, Mr McCallum, the choir and others, were heartily responded to, thus ending os of th emost enjoyable evenings that has been in Shandon for a long time.


The annual swimming entertainment in connection with the Hydropathic establishment will take place this (Thursday) evening. The exhibition will be given in the large bath, and Mr Priestley will be assisted by several experts in the art of natation.


At the weekly meeting of the members on Monday evening, Mr Andrew Vallance read a paper on ‘Lighthouses’, in which he gave some interesting information concerning the building of these structures and the life which is led within them. At the close, Mr Vallance was awarded a hearty vote of thanks.


Arrangements are being made for the erection of a pier on iron pillars at Shandon. The new pier will be run out opposite the Free Church, and when completed will be a great convenience to residents, as the present pier at Balernock is nearly a mile above the village.

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