Shandon Hydro Hotel in Verse


The new institution is getting into fame already, if we may judge from the following vers de Societie:

A Young Man’s Lament

Woe worth the day when first I saw
The Shandon Hydropathic!
Since that date I lament my fate
In language most emphatic

A country lad, my heart was glad,
And quite untouched by Cupid;
But by his tricks I’m in a fix
That almost drives me stupid!

Two girls were there – one dark, one fair,
And both so sweet and kindly,
That to decide I scarcely tried,
But flirted with both blindly.

At breakfast with my Hebe blonde
I discussed love and bacon.
And offered scones in deep low tones
That were with pathos shaken.

But when we dined, my changeful mind
Preferred the darker beauty!
To praise brown eyes, and hair likewise,
I found it then my duty.

They both were kind, and both inclined
To look on me with favour;
I cannot test which I like best,
So cannot try to have her.

What can I do? If one I woo,
I’ll set the other laughing;
And then how small I’d feel, if all
The time they’d been but chaffing!

Take warning then by me, young men,
Don’t try flirtation double;
For if you do, you’ll prove it true,
‘Twill only bring you trouble


Dear blog reader

I do hope you found the above as enjoyable as I do. It certainly gives us an insight into goings on at the Hydro plus the fact that someone was inspired to write a poem at the Hydro.

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