Christmas at Shandon 1879

Dear blog reader, this is the third part in the series looking at what was the focus in Shandon in a particular week in time. These reports appeared in the first 1880 edition of the Helensburgh News reporting on Christmas night at the Hydro and those people who were staying at the Hydro that Christmas.




On Christmas night there was a large attendance of visitors, and the energetic manager (Mr G R McKenzie) did all in his power to provide for their comfort and amusement. The list of visitors found in another column will show at once the numerous and influential party. The proceedings began in the afternoon with a concert, under the leadership of the Hillhead Musical Association, comprising the following: Mr and Mrs Zavertal, Mr Zavertal senior, Herr Vogt, Miss Munro, Mr John Gardiner, Mr Black and Mrs William Duff. In the evening there was an assembly, which took place in the large hall, tastefully decorated with evergreens and appropriate devices. Altogether a most pleasant day and evening were spent. On the following evening there was a dramatic entertainment, the piece performed being ‘Breach of promise’ in which the following took part: Mr John Mowat junior, Mr F Morrison, Mr W Mollison, Mr T Duff junior, Mr W Duff and Misses Duff.



Mr Robert Milne, Misses and Master Milne, Aberdeen; Mr and Mrs Cassels, two children and maid, Glasgow; Mrs Oliphant, Edinburgh; Mr, Mrs and Misses Galt, and maid, Glasgow; Mr Wm Johnston, Paisley; Mr John Cochrane, Glasgow; Mr and Mrs Cunningham, two children and maid, Glasgow; Mr and Mrs Biggam, Airdrie; Miss Smith, Stirling; Mrs Birrell and party of eight, Glasgow; Misses Cunningham and Ritchie, Glasgow; Mr A W and Miss Clark, Glasgow; Mr and Mrs Black, Glasgow; Messrs Riddoch, Partick; Mr and Mrs James and Mr Fred Morrison, Glasgow; Mr and Mrs Sharp, Helensburgh; Mr and Mrs Eric Anderson, Ceylon; Mr and Mrs Robert Crawford, Glasgow; Mr, Mrs and Misses Morrison, Glasgow; Mr Silva White, Mr Steel, Mr Davis, Mr P McLellan, Mr Mitchell, Glasgow; Mr Urquhart, Edinburgh; Mr and Misses Ritchie, Glasgow; Mr and Mrs Henry, Miss and two Messrs Grierson, Glasgow; Mr and Mrs Thomas Duff, Glasgow; Messrs and Misses Duff, Glasgow; Messrs Black, Schuman, Sorley, McDonald and Walker, Glasgow; Messrs Gardener, Elkhurst and Mollison, Glasgow; Mr and Mrs ZAvertal, Mr Zavertal senior, Miss Munro, and Herr Volt, Glasgow; Messrs Cook, Riddle, Jeffrey, Connell and Hatton, Glasgow; Mr John Milne, Aberdeen; Bailie and Mrs Clark, five children and two nurse, Glasgow; Mrs Harvey, Miss Mories, Miss Nicol and Miss Aikman, Glasgow; Mr and Mrs James Leitch and Miss Stewart, Glasgow; Bailie and Mrs Mowat, Miss and two Messrs Mowat, Glasgow; Reverend A P Arnott and Master Arnott, Edinburgh; four Misses Cross, Glasgow; Messrs Hedderwick, Moffat, Arrol, McLean and McCarlie, Glasgow; Mr Stewart, Stirling; Mr George Drummond, Glasgow; Mr Cree, Glasgow; Mr Russell, Paisley; Mr F F Porter, Glasgow; Mr Duncan Smith, two Messrs Smith, Edinburgh.

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