Drowning opposite Blairvaddich

Dundee Evening Telegraph 23 September 1884

Sad drowning of two boys near Helensburgh

Shortly after four o’clock yesterday, two lads named Gordon Carnachan, son of Dr Carnachan, and Archibald Campbell, son of Captain Campbell, of the Circassia, each aged about 16, started from Clynder in the lugsail boat Zulu to cross the loch.

When opposite Blairvaddich they were observed by Archibald Donaldson, coachman, Hydropathic, who was returning with his horses from Helensburgh, to proceed to the bow of their boat, which immediately sank bow first, the lads clinging to the mast.

Donaldson at once tied his horses to the rail, and by means of a punt lying on the shore proceeded to the scene of the accident. On his way he was passed by a large dog which had accompanied the boys, swimming to the shore.

On reaching the spot nothing could be found save the caps of the unfortunate lads. As both were particularly intelligent and well known, their sad end has occasioned the utmost gloom on both sides of the loch. Up to nine o’clock boats were engaged trawling for the bodies, but without result.

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