Hatches, Matches and Dispatches, part 2

Dear blog reader

This is the second part in a series of Shandon hatches, matches and dispatches that have appeared in the newspapers.

I always find such finds very exciting in my own 30 years of family history research and I hope this helps anyone doing similar Shandon-based research.

Please note that for privacy reasons all entries will be 100 years old and over.

(Glossary: inst/instant means of the present month, ult/ultimo means of last month)


St James’s Gazette, 29 July 1884

Sons –  Bell, wife of Mr Henry, of Summerhill, Shandon, NB, at Cornwall Terrace, Regent’s Park, NW, July 27

London Evening Standard, 3 March 1888

Bell – March 1, at 5, Cornwall Terrace, Regent’s Park, NW, the wife of Henry Bell, Summerhill, Shandon, of a daughter


The Examiner, 14 July 1833

[Also in the York Herald, the Inverness Courier and the Perthshire Courier]

At Blairvaddoch, Charles, second son of the late Sir W Forbes, of Pitsligo, Baronet, to Jemima, daughter of the late Colonel Ronaldson MacDinell, of Glengarry and Clanronald

Westmorland Gazette, 9 November 1833

[Also in the Sun, the Scotsman and the Inverness Courier]

Ay Blairvaddoch, Dumbartonshire, Andrew Bonar, Esq, banker in Edinburgh, to Marcelly, daughter of the late Colonel Ronaldson MacDonnell, of Glengary and Clanronald.

Greenock Advertiser, 9 October 1855

On the 4th instant, by the Rev Dr Buchanan, Mr William Wyse Ritchie, Edinburgh, to Mary, eldest daughter of Duncan Turner, Esq, Lagbuie, Shandon

Illustrated London News, 5 November 1870

On the 27th ult., at Lagbuie, Dumbartonshire, by the Rev Dr Robert Buchanan, John M Easton, CE, Nursingpore, India, to Lucy, daughter of Duncan Turner, Esq.  No cards.

Helensburgh News, 25 March 1880

At 20 Park Circus, Glasgow, on the 23rd inst., by the Rev James Smith, Crammond, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev Donald MacLeod, DD, William G Wilson, to Ann, youngest daughter of the late Duncan Turner, Lagbuie, Shandon

The Scotsman, 31 December 1908

MacLellan – Guild – At Holy Trinity, Sloane, London, on the 30th current, by the Rev H R [illegible], MA, Wm Turner MacLellan, son of the late [illegible] MacLellan of Blairvaddich, Dumbartonshire, to Mabel, daughter of the late J Wyllie Guild, Glasgow

The Scotsman, 21 June 1917

A wedding was solemnised by the Rev Canon Leighton Crane at Cobham Parish Church, on June 18th, between Captain J Archibald Cowie, HLI, son of the late Archibald Cowie, Esq., of Cardross, and Mrs Cowie, Moffat and Esmee Mary, daughter of Carl Grabowsky, Esq., of Linnburn, Shandon, Dumbartonshire


Paisley Herald and Renfrewshire Advertiser, 17 November 1877

[Also appeared in the Dundee Courier]

At Lagbuie, Shandon, on the 15th inst., Duncan Turner, in his 79th year

The Scotsman, 16 February 1878

Died at 4 Grosvenor Terrace, Glasgow, on the 14th inst., Janet MacLellan, in her 71st year, widow of Duncan Turner, Lagbuie, Shandon

Dundee Courier, 12 April 1882

At Ardchapel, Dumbartonshire, on the 8th inst., Georgina Frances Downie Cullen, wife of William Swan, LLD, Emeritus Professor in the University of St Andrews

Dundee Courier, 21 November 1892

[Also in the Morning Post and in the Northern Whig]

Sanders – At Altnacoile, Shandon, on the 17th inst., Bertha, widow of the late Commander C D Sanders, RN, aged 52

The Scotsman, 8 March 1913

Brown – At Bournemouth, on the 7th inst., A R Brown, Summerhill, Shandon, Gareloch, Hon Consul for Japan at Glasgow (and of A R Brown, McFarlane & Co Ltd)

Hampshire Advertiser, 3 March 1917

Brown – on the 26th ult., at Kayama, Bournemouth, Louisa, widow of A R Brown, late of Summerhill, Shandon

The Scotsman, 29 September 1919

Anderson – at Hampstead, London, on the 25th inst., Robert Hood Anderson, eldest son of the late Sir James Anderson, MP, of Blairvaddich, in his 87th year

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