Near Drowning Opposite Shandon Church

Glasgow Herald 2 August 1884

Narrow escape from drowning in the Gareloch

Yesterday at midday Donald McLeod, 72 years of age, residing in Helensburgh, narrowly escaped being drowned in the Gareloch. McLeod, who is an old soldier, left Helensburgh for Garelochhead about half-past ten in a lug-sail boat belonging to Mr Campbell. All went well until opposite Shandon Church, when McLeod attempted to reef the sail, and while doing so the ballast shifted, causing the boat to capsize, and it sank immediately.

Two of the workmen at the Church and Alex McPhail, coachman, put off in a boat to the rescue. McLeod was floating about, when they reached him, but was nearly exhausted. He was taken ashore and carefully tended at Mrs Bell’s, Summerhill, who provided him with dry clothes. McLeod has saved three persons from drowning during his career as a yachtsman.

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