Motor accident involving Mr Brown of Summerhill

Dundee Evening Post 9 September 1901

Pathetic Glasgow fatality

A distressing motor fatality has occurred near Bearsden, Glasgow. A little boy named Archie Gillen, aged about 5 years, son of John Gillen, Garscadden, was, along with some other children, running along the road when he got right in front of a motor driven by Mr Albert Brown, Summerhill, Shandon. Mr Brown promptly swerved his car right round so as to avoid an accident, but the splash-board struck the boy on the head and he was knocked down.

Taking the little fellow into his motor, Mr Brown, who was very much distressed at what had occurred, drove him to Bearsden, where Dr Kennedy found that life was extinct. The boy had a leg and arm broken, as well as a fractured skull.

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