Dumbartonshire Section Clydesdale Harriers

Scottish Referee 31 Monday 1892

This section had their run on Saturday afternoon from their favourite rendezvous at Shandon. There was a large turn-out and the whole company were conveyed form Helensburgh in a special bus.

On arrival no time was lost in despatching the hares, Messrs John McRae and T Vallance and they were followed five minutes later by the slows, paced by George R Murray and whipped by J Adamson; the fast pack followed five minutes after, paced by A McMillan and whipped by W Boyd.

The trail led up back avenue, across the railway, across Laigh Balernock and Stuckenduff farms, recrossing the railway, the public road was reached near Ardgare House, thence to Church Brae, then striking northward the hill was again tackled, rounding Shandon House, across railway, and a good spin down the north avenue home.

The first men were the slows Adam and Murray; fasts A McMillan and A Rodger. Times – Hares 40 minutes; slows 43 minutes, fasts 42 minutes.

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